Faiba 4G Throttling Speeds



Give us 411. Is it 4G? Fiber? WiFi or 5G :hugs:?


Tebu tuambie hii net ni ya wapi :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Cause we are currently suffering over here with Faiba 4G, like jana usiku I could hardly go over 500kbps (Small b)


wow, those speeds… 4G+ or what? Cuz obvious sio 3g au 5g :joy:. I hope whatever you are testing will be consistent over time.


I hope si Fiber juu Timbuktu itafika 2090


hahah :joy::joy::joy:


Faiba4G Extreme?


Nexus si ni part of government of Kenya. Ama?


I was getting around the same speeds with faiba 4g in naivasha cbd


Maybe it’s the Liquid Telecom - backed ISP consortium


Of course yes


Just looked up this IP., belongs to Jamii Telecom

Interesting times


So, after a bit of investigation turns out Faiba 4G has one problem especially if you are not within town (Nai).
Faiba like any other carrier uses cell towers to provide a communication link.

Basically at the point between the cell towers and Faiba’s Backbone network, there is a transceiver with limited bandwidth and that’s where the bottleneck exists.
So if that link supports only 1Gbps and has 1000 active users, each user will be limited to 1mbps till the load subsides. (Around past midnight :cry:)
Essentially the more (active) devices connected to your tower the less the speed since a network is only as fast as its slowest point.

The reason this may only happen in outskirts of town,is probably because Faiba uses more robust comm equipment in their cell towers in Nai , while it uses “cost effective” ones huku diaspora.


So if the speeds are 500kbps during the day na uko mashinani it means that link supports only 500MBps :sob::sob::sob:


Maybe even less, labda wanaeza kuwa wameweka ya 100Mbps with 200 active users.:joy::joy::joy::joy: