Faiba 4G Throttling Speeds



Off late I have noticed that Faiba 4G speeds are not that consistent.
I use a Mi-Fi 4G device for internet so device location is not an issue. At evening hours 5:00pm to 1.00am i get really bad speeds never passes 2.0Mbps which is quite unacceptable
But after 1.00am to morning hours and noon the speeds reach to acceptable 20Mbps

Am not a mobile network guru but I highly doubt the throttling is done due to 4G congestion, I think it might be Faiba’s backbone infrastructure.

Anyone experiencing this ama ni mimi tu.:cry:


You are not alone. I’ve been finding myself waiting for images to load on Twitter. Sometimes having to make do without media on my TL. Or if I really need the good connection I go to Telkom.

What may not have been discussed yet is how Faiba4G sucks indoors, I was inside a supermarket recently and the network was out completely. Earlier today I was at a conference at Kempinsky and Faiba was a mess.


Indoors even in the CBD you get zero bars


Did even a test , you can see during daylight and evening the speeds are ****, so it like the time you need internet the most it doesnt work…lol


I have complained about Faiba for a few months now mpaka I use safaricom more than I use it nowadays. I don’t think it’s throttling I think their infrastructure just sucks and can’t handle the growing number of users. This is because when I joined Faiba in Jan-feb, speeds used to average 20Mbps. However, nowadays at any time of the day I average 500-600 KBps (around 4Mbps). They have actually improved since a few weeks ago (towards the end of March) I used to average 100KBps.


I hardly go past 10mbps nowadays

Afternoon speedtest

Right now peak time.


Might the issue be because of the many customers jumping the bandwagon? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I also think that they have had an influx of users and their infrastructure was not ready for it. For instance, today the network was out for almost four hours in total and there was no communication from them why that happened.


mpaka, I think I’ll have to Kesha to finish my remaining bundles


They hardly communicate. Lazima tu uwaulize.


That’s why I stopped using my Faiba 4G Mifi. To get decent speeds (Read 100 KBs, I needed to go to the rooftop. Imagine with this cold being up there waiting for 1GB Movie to download. The moment you entered the house, you effectively said Goodbye to Faiba 4G. Finishing my Bundles became a real Hustle. Got meself Safaricom Fiber and Archived the Faiba Mifi


There has been a change. The last two days my load times on phone are greatly improved. Its like the one day outage was to oil the systems and add more RAM. :joy:


Lol, what speeds are you getting at peak hours 8.00pm to 10.00 pm


400kbps max :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Tuko wengi :rofl::rofl:


3mbps, I’m coming from a point where bavaring was the order of the day.


nime google bavaring …:joy::joy::joy::joy:
acha tu


You should Google Bogua and Faimba too. :joy::joy:


Faiba4G has been down for a couple of hours now


Patience guys. Soon you’ll have something that will blow your mind. Currently in testing phase.