Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Can @martingicheru and @sarunibm contact jtl for answers, please??? This Telco has been lying to customers for weeks, check their Twitter tl. Network issues have persisted for weeks now in many locations. Every 3-4 minutes one has to restart device to access the internet.

I have like 18gb which is about to expire. These guys keep saying “network issues are being addressed” daily. Seriously, wtf? :triumph::triumph::triumph:


They bit more than they could chew…


JTL’s customer support has always sucked, from day one they were always lacking in capacity. I experienced a fibre cut on a corporate account and it took them two months to resolve.


Sorry for your lost, I lost 1GB due to the network issues, I did not buy another bundle, I will not until I can confirm they have resolved, Twitter is very nice for this, just check the complaints.


Used it two days ago na sirudi hadi after a few months tena.


Looks like JTL fixed some issues… Hope this ain’t temporary :smirk:


Still crap in Mombasa, been using saf since Jan. I don’t think they will make a comeback, I only have the Sim in my phone since I can’t locate my Telkom line.


Keep off Faiba guys… They have reverted to their old ways. You need to restart your device after every five minutes to access Internet. It’s like they rectified the problem with a duct tape :triumph::triumph:. Hawa watu waachane na hii service tbh


They called me today to find out why my line has been dormant for this long, so I gave them my feedback about poor indoor coverage.


i never bothered with this Faiba 4G stuff,the moment i learnt i cant use their line on my phone and that my 4G phone was incompatible with their network i gave them up.Considering the problems they seem to have faced all this time,i m just glad i didnt get on board with them.Telkom and Airtel are way better and improving in my humble opinion…


The Moment you Pass the door you have to leave Airtel/ Telkom on the doormat, Outside…


Telkom is reliable indoors for me, that’s what I fell back to with the 10GB for 1k bundle and that works okay.


Yeeeeh i been using Telkom 4G a lot lately esp the 30day bundle for 10GB for 1k,its fast,mostly reliable and works well indoors even.Of course the bundle is not enough considering how quickly its consumed.The MyTelkom app is working just fine in keeping me updated on my bundle balance.


Telkom works perfectly for me. Very reliable.


My Telkom is awesome


So I decided to buy the 1GB bundle on Faiba 4G
Was testing from Upper Hill to Rongai and apart from a few areas like Galleria speeds weren’t baaad
Got to Rongai and it clocked 43mbps download, this is around Barclays Bank area.
Ama ni mimi nimeipata on a good day :joy:

Rongai Outdoors

Rongai Indoors


Problem is not speed but the network going down every few minutes


Exactly my sentiments, speed is not the issue but consistency/reliability.


Think am going to buy the 25gb bundle I test it next month


The connection has been terrible since mid last week.I have to reboot the router every 2 minutes .Very frustrating.