Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Can @martingicheru and @sarunibm contact jtl for answers, please??? This Telco has been lying to customers for weeks, check their Twitter tl. Network issues have persisted for weeks now in many locations. Every 3-4 minutes one has to restart device to access the internet.

I have like 18gb which is about to expire. These guys keep saying “network issues are being addressed” daily. Seriously, wtf? :triumph::triumph::triumph:


They bit more than they could chew…


JTL’s customer support has always sucked, from day one they were always lacking in capacity. I experienced a fibre cut on a corporate account and it took them two months to resolve.


Sorry for your lost, I lost 1GB due to the network issues, I did not buy another bundle, I will not until I can confirm they have resolved, Twitter is very nice for this, just check the complaints.


Used it two days ago na sirudi hadi after a few months tena.