Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


My Faiba hotsot stopped working on nokia 6.1 after the android P update, the safcom one is just fine, the hotspot connects but shows no internet.


:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: Mine works perfectly


They sorted me out but all they did was factory reset, still has PIE


The VoLTE toggle switch is now available on the s8 after the latest firmware update. I’ll test with Faiba 4G and report back.


The VoLTE toggle is only available for Safaricom, so I can’t test with Faiba 4G.


does the volte work on Saf when turned on?


It doesn’t work with Safaricom. VoLTE provisioning is still greyed out.


Anyone else who has been experiencing downtimes on Faiba 4G regularly in the past like 2 weeks?? Sometimes it just disappears for like 10 minutes :triumph:


Yeah, their speeds seem to also have taken a hit especially on uploads, uploading a simple 13kb pdf is a task, the blackouts in my area happen very often usually between 6-9 pm, this is why saf keeps winning because we have to go back for serious work.


I hear it’s because of congestion on their network ,people are really ranting on their social media pages and all they say is that they are working to fix the same .


They are giving away 12GB if you top up 300bob or more by midnight tonight. I like free stuff.


Yesterday they were giving away 5G valid for 5 days of you top up airtime worth 55bob. I hate that I missed that deal!


How are the speeds of late, it’s been a while since i used my Faiba line


Is it just me or Faiba 4g has become complete garbage in the past few weeks…??? Connection goes off completely most of the time… Arghhh…

Am not renewing this thing in months if I exhaust my current bundle.


My Faiba 4G connection is still very strong… Literally have no complaints. But I said the same about Safaricom and things backfired on me.


you are lucky, most people i know who have faiba are suffering… and jtl is doing literally nothing imho!


keeps going on an off for me plus the speeds are so slow youtube defaults to 144p and still buffers.


I haven’t used Faiba in like months now. Anyone selling their router though? I have a neighbor who needs a used one.


I happened to buy a huawei E5787 MiFi that does not support that 700Mhz band. And since i bought it outside the country, the huawei suckers at their support office won’t touch it


Niko na B310 router at Ksh 6500.