Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


None. May be the daily 2G @100bob = daily 1GB @50 on Faiba. I just use it as backup juu other option ni below 2MB


I spend montly 1k on Faiba for 25GB that I barely deplete. It’s true, Faiba4G in Nairobi has become slow but I can’t switch yet if it means I have to spend more on data.


kuna vile unabenefit labda uki-stick kwa Faiba. Nani anaeza tolerate slow speeds?


I only use it during my commute and when away from the house or office.


Nowadays it’s not bad in my place, I average around 8-10 Mbps any time. There’s room for improvement though.


Now you get why we are stuck with Airtel unlimited. There are times when speeds fluctuate and it’s barely 1mbps, especially 7-9pm but for the most part (90% of the time) it’s over 10-15mbps. I use my other lines when am on the move, kwanza Telkom 4G has really improved gosh! But I always leave all my heavy data needs to Airtel when at home
Ps. Router got spoilt so we use a phone as the router, internet is shared on WiFi tethering


Faiba need to style up and increase their device support.I would love to try them out but knowing my phone cannot take up their network sucks so i m tied to telkom and airtel for mobile data needs for now…


What offers do they have? The postpaid option is still unlimited? I can get a CPE router with a booster if that is the case.


Noticeably very slow these days fine on youtube but takes ages to upload a 100kb pdf file, Twitter images don’t load at all on phone abut to ditch Faiba


yes it is unlimited uncapped
They have other postpaid bundles though they are the same as the prepaid ones, cheapest is 1GB at 300 and most expensive is the 36GB at 3k


You mean Airtel offers an unlimited and uncapped internet bundle? Details please!


They pulled it down from their site sijaiona of late, but you can also ask them on social


Let me check if they have expanded 4G further


I would love to use Airtel longterm but their network at my place really sucks…


Safaricom 3G speeds in my village somewhere in North Rift


I guess I can now be called a heavy user thanks to faiba, if it was safaricom I would be looking at over 6k for such usage, but on faiba I am on my third 25GB for a 1,000/-


My ‘Heavy Usage’ Faiba days are long behind me. Can’t even load gmail with such ping times


Decided to check on my Faiba 4G line and surprise surprise the signal has improved in the house

Will try doing a speedtest later

1st speedtest inside the house

Went to the balcony and the upload speed increased but the download still at 5mbps

Miss the days when it used to hit 51mbps :cry:

What's your android/iPhone set up?

Speed has been improving slowly into the night, guess there really are many users in my area


Between 5 AM and 6 AM Saturday - Sunday only.