Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!



earlier today asked jumia to suggest phones with big battery since my corrent is draining so quick after an update and guess wat found this freetel device which supports band 28[700] and it has 2gb ram and 4000MAH batterry its on naught and has 16gb rom i think it beats cheaper nokias except on software wat do u guys think… i dont mind the design since itakuwa secondary device.


Nearly everyone is complaining about the mouthpiece. Kama ni secondary device ni sawa tu. Go for it.

But I suggest you check this out.


Is this still happening for some (many?) of you? My Faiba 4G line is near useless during the day (1Mbps tops)


I still manage around 6-9 mbps hapo


Not complaining but i miss the launch speeds. Just done a speed test.


No network since morning. Ama ni mimi tu?


Seems it’s your end.


They have told me our area is off. They’re working on it. Since morning hadi now bado niko nnje ya mtandao


I’ve been getting around 8-10 Mbps all day


This is what I get at night - 2AM - 6AM


Freetel is a new brand, launched with focus on the Nigerian market, I am not surprised it has Band 28 because Nigerian telcos use this. Secondly, the brand was kinda endorsed by Google so I would say it is safe to use however I cannot comment on the quality.


Ditched my Faiba 4G, coz of crappy speeds. At launch the speeds were okay though. Fortunately for me, there’s Home Fiber where I live. Now the MIFI is somewhere gathering dust.


Nowadays service interruptions is the order of the day. Landlord ametuambia he’ll connect his house to Fiber juu iko around neighbors’s houses hadi imepita mbele yetu. Once that is done, I’ll shift and probably use Faiba as back up.


@holycow have you reached Kakamega yet? Need to know kama Faiba 4G is there.


Not visited of late but from the Tweets, it’s live.


Let me check


I got an orange 07xx sim over the weekend as I test it out to replace Faiba 4G which has become unusable 3/4 of the day (stable from 2AM - 6AM)

Feels like Telkom 4G has really Improved. 2.3GB Torrent file downloaded in less than 10 minutes on PC. Singe link downloads are a different story. Using Telkom Night Owl Plan & able to reach 5GB per hour (~25GB per session) where I live so console games will take 2 sessions to download. Will test online gaming when possible and update.


I moved to Telkom 2 months ago after faiba disappointed, all I can say is telkom 4g is fast


Right now Faiba 4G is off in our area. The downtimes are becoming persistent. Now I have to balance out with Telkom.


Which bundles on Telkom compare to what Faiba 4G offers?