Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Faiba app has an update that now intergrates MPESA in that you can buy bundles right from the Faiba app .Neat.


Yeah, noticed the same.


Someone should think of importing this in bulk and resell them i think one would make a kill out of this especially give the fact that the faiba ones are always out of stock and they are not meeting the demand


Share the link please


Saw someone selling this a while back on olx, also had that screen, which i found to be quite catchy


How much was he selling it at





Thanks for the link and information


After this post, i ordered one from Aliepress, it did arrive today. Works on Faiba 4G and Telkom 3G and Airtel 3G. Seems it doesn’t support Band 20 (800Mhz). Kindly confirm if yours supports the 800Mhz frequency or did you mean 1800Mhz?




Some thing strange has happened. Bought 25Gb via the app, was prompted for my Mpesa password there after spent 1k. Instead of getting bundles, I got 2k airtime. So opted to buy two sets of 25Gb. Well, seems I’ve stolen from Faiba but won’t mind them recovering the cash.


Wait the day you buy bundles using the App and they credit you with airtime. You get billed on airtime and complain. Watakuambia ulinunua airtime and not data.

Had a fued with them early this month. Why should you buy bundles and they credit your account first with airtime before converting it to bundles?


Jani Faiba app on the play store, a third party app allows you to buy data bundles straight. Works better IMO.


Same thing happened to me. Let me confirm if the airtime is still there because I just bought 25GB and left the other 1K there.


They are the same. Jani App loads airtime first too. There are a number of times I noticed that after the conversion failed to take place. Stopped using it after mpesa was added on the official Faiba app.


Okay nimejaribu kufuatilia but guys I kent… ebu someone please tell me about this Faiba 4G thingy and how good it is, what’s the range and how much does it cost… esp for someone who’s mostly on the go? Unaeza weka kwa simu alafu uhotspot ama you need the MiFi wifi whatever thing??


Uko mtaa gani tuanzie hapo? :grin::grin::grin:

But on a serious note. Uko mtaa gani, may be someone in this forum is a neighbour or lives closeby akuokolee na information about network coverage in the area.

Other details Faiba 4G nikama tu Safcom/Telkom/Airtel. The name confuses people juu mtu akiskia Faiba anaona ni fiber cables forgetting 4G is wireless.

So you need a phone that supports their network if not get a mifi router from them @6K (Router 5700+300 line and comes with8GB to kick start you off).

But first, service is dependent on network availability in your area.


depends on where you stay, but its best to check with places where you spend most of your time usinunue line ikue useless


This article answers your question about range for both modem and MIFI.

You can, for a phone with band 28 (you are advised to check on GSMArena for specific device to see if it supports it.

Data prices start from Kshs 300 for 8GB weekly, 1k for 25GB monthly upwards.


So someone sent me a message in Facebook advertising Faiba 4G compatible unlocked routers and modems. Price for the Mifi is 6,000bob and the modem that has wifi, 4,500bob.

You might want to check out the devices for the mifi he’s selling the Huawei and ZTE devices and for the wifi modems he’s selling ZTE ones.