Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Lack of an inbuilt power source makes the MiFi more attractive.


The first gen mifi is terrible .Terrible reception and occasionally stopped working even after firmware upgrade .I had to do away with it and got a router instead.


Whoever is in charge of the marketing department is doing a fantastic job :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:. Great research skills there.


Better the Mifi sasa. Failed on the pricing


Acha nianze uchokozi… Bring in the questions


User interface and can you know the bandwidth consumed by devices connected to that device? Unaeza limit users pia? in terms of speed of allowable bandwidth?


Wifi hotspot range?


Can it be connected to a heavy user router? if yes, how likely is it recommended?


After frustrations with the 1st gen Faiba mifi I got Huawei B310s - 518 and I have been hunting the best reception until on Friday when used Opensignal app to locate the Faiba cell tower closest .I had to put the Faiba SIM in my Nokia 5 and then I walked around waiting for the app to find the cell tower I was connected to after which I popped back the SIM card to the router.I had to change my router from sitting room to the kitchen and I now have 2 -3 bars and consistent 10 Mbps download speeds .I will use some omnidirectional antennas I have to make the experience better and report back.
Weirdly if you ask Faiba customer care they will tell you they have not covered that area.
Location: Rukubi , along Wangige - Gitaru Road.


Does it support Telkom 4G?


I don’t have a Telkom SIM card to test but going by the information at 4gltemall.com https://www.4gltemall.com/huawei-b310-lte-cpe.html
The answer is no ,since the router lacks band 20 which is used by Telkom.
Are you by any chance holycow pale Kenya talk.com ? :smiley::smiley:


Correct. We;d also met online when discussing Zuku. Same username at Wazua.


I have the first generation Faiba Mifi, unfortunately, it is locked to JTL. Out of curiosity, i ordered a Wingle (Huawei E8372h-608) from Aliexpress. (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Unlocked-Huawei-E8372-E8372h-153-plus-a-pair-of-antenna-150M-LTE-USB-Wingle-LTE-Universal/32804908389.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.18704c4d6pwOYX )
I ordered on 1st May 2018. It cost $37.49 then.

Item got to Nairobi GPO on 15th May 2018. John Njiraini and his employees didn’t ask anything.
So far, it works on Faiba and Safaricom 4G(1800Mhz), Airtel, Telkom 3G and 2G.
IT can be powered by any USB device and it’s got external antennae. Haven’t used it much.


Thank you so much for this crutial info…


This looka interesting


Bought this ZTE MF910 MiFi from Aliexpress for about $45 last month. Took about 3 weeks to get here via normal mail with no extra taxman charges.
Been using it for a month on Faiba 4G and it works great. I get great speeds ranging from about 10Mbps to about 35Mbps. Speeds are better outdoors than indoors. It keeps charge for more than 12 hours or so it’s great for being on the move.
Also works on Safaricom 4G as it supports their 800MHz band. I’ve also tested it on Telkom and Airtel and it works.


These third-party router are starting to look like a better approach than carrier locked ones. Kina dual SIM MiFi?


So at $45, cheaper than the locked Faiba MIFi…?!
Plus it also looks better, with a functional Screen…


There should be one especially with the chinese brands


Yes its way better than what Faiba are offering currently