Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


hehehe oneni awa :joy:…, but i get your point guys. Was actually to get a Nokia 5 i saw kwa review on YouTube it being prefered to the Nokia 6 a bit, or an Iphone 5s, but budget issues specially ikifika around this time pals start asking to lend them cash :joy: , had to make a compromise and took this one mostly coz of the camera, since i cover events on social media
Of course the Android experience haifiki Oreo hehe bt ow well, at least am nursing my Windows hangover with Microsoft Launcher n the other Microsoft Apps :grinning:., including Edge., They work pretty well, so far no complains


You use edge browser? Enyewe you’re a true windows mobile fan


You don’t need to change any settings on your Faiba Mi-Fi… All you need to do is to configure your Asus as wifi Repeater… this connection can be done wirelessly just make sure you disable Asus RT DHCP Server so that Mi-fi does the I.P allocation also ensure they have same SSID & PassWd


will look for this one, i also saw ZTE MF910 supoorts band 28 700mhz n it’s in the market, even has a ka small screen which looks cool

hehe try it btw, ts quite nice, was even surprised on how good it is on Android., just that it’s not available on the store for Kenya I had to download the apk, bt ts nice


Pole guys @deewinc @Omgitsdes it is working well in my area. Still watching lots of video without problems


What you have is not Android. You just jumped from the frying pan into the fire…


Just installed edge browser on Android and it pretty works fine


I’m really suffering. Faiba how could you nduthis :persevere::persevere::persevere:

Update Service restored.


hehe, well so far so good, ikisumbua will just get a new one


Faiba is in Kitale. This wasn’t so a month ago.


Woooooow! Shags I’m now sorted :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Faiba is in Kapsabet.


Also there is something that may interest you. I’ve used it, works quick. No need to buy airtime, then buy data bundles hoping to complete it quick before your airtime is depleted. You buy data bundles directly from the app which can be on your Faiba4G line or other phone. This means you can buy for your phone and/or modem from the app, both accounts.

Plus the app shows both balances, airtime and data bundle.


Faiba Modem!! Mmmm ok


I hope it’s a “Wingle”. The mifi battery degrades with time. It’s easy plugging this into a power bank and you good.


Tell us more about it


Guess we have our answer on the wingle


But it’s expensive. Faiba yawa. Wangepea watu ka discount. It’s 600bob less than the mi-fi.


In that case then it’s economical to buy the MIFI, which can work both as a modem and Hotspot


Nope. This one is modem and hot spot. The only missing component is inbuilt power source.