Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


I can bet they dont even have a million customers yet and its still not a mainstream product. Network quality has started dropping…


They are on a customer acquisition spree. low prices are a must just like India’s Reliance Jio.


Second day had to buy saf, seems the honeymoon is up and the walk of shame back to saf is on at least saf now has better offers than they had before.


Seems like Faiba is the new Telkom :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yesterday I recharged Faiba with 2k via Mpesa which didn’t reflect in my faiba account… to my surprise, despite Safaricom confirming the transaction being successful to Jamii Telcom the Faiba customer care are denying seeing such a transaction within their systems and its now 24hrs later. I’ve never imagine being in such a situation


It does happen quite a lot for those of use who recharge weekly or daily. All you do just copy them the mpesa message. They’ll recharge your account.

I also noticed that Faiba does not consume airtime when you run out of bundles. So far they have confirmed to me that the BTS serving our area is having issues which they are addressing.


Pesapal which processes those has reported having issues. Saw a few people complaining about airtime load.


ama ni vile nimezoea wifi ya colle


Thanks @deewinc and @martingicheru It finally went through after 3days of waiting… Kenya power is also facing similar situation so just incase you want to buy prepaid tokens avoid M-pesa for now


Unfortunately, Faiba internet is still not working in my area :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


So I finally yielded and got an Android., RIP Windows phone :disappointed_relieved:.
To my surprise the Oppo A37fw supports Faiba 4G, data only though, despite band 28 not being on the list on GSMArena
It prompted me to check on how to activate volte on this device and as usual there has to be an update for it to work, but as at now there isn’t any for the device

I’ve also managed to test Telkom n yes I can confirm that it’s still crappy on this new device., a 9mb download took around 3 minutes on 4G


Me too, its even becoming slower for my work, bids zinanipita ju browser haijaload :rage::rage: For the first time I might not be able to use 25gb faiba bundle in a month. I have been switching it off severally and tethering safaricom…


You finally yield, and you entry to Android is a device running Android Lollipop?


My area seems to be sorted now, for some reason the network had dropped to 1 bar, I have not done a speed test but it should be fine since 1080p goes smoothly.



I switched to Safaricom. My bundles zime expire Faiba. Renewed daily twice to check kama net imerudi pia hizo zika zama.


easy man no bird was born flying i need to zoea android polepole again :smiley::smiley:


Color OS skin is the worst iteration to “zoea” android on. Sasa utagrow ukijua vile android hukaa iOS na vile hainaga updates :joy::joy: Alafu uliona tu uendee Lollipop? :confused::confused::worried:


Plus Android Lollipop does not have runtime permissions. :blush:


@iamtembo I wish I had an extra device and lend you the Nokia 6, and you feel the difference between what you have and a pure Android 8.1 device.

It’s like dining in Subukia versus Intercon.

But I digress.


The Faiba mifi with mango interface is terrible i tried connecting it to a ASUS RT AC68U using the USB interface and it does not disable the onboard mifi wireless network .The idea was if connect it to that router hen i can have a better wifi reception in the house and the compound.I have checked on all the web interface settings and no luck .I think i have no option but to sell it and get a 4G router specifically Huawei B310s-518 which i am sure will have a better reception and allow me to connect the Asus as accespoint.