Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Samsung told me that they would do so towards the end of April.


And someone is taking advantage of JTL/Faiba 4G by performing Brute-Force attacks.

AbuseIPDatabse and Blocklist.de


I think the update will never come coz Samsung


Faiba seems to be down kidogo even the Volte icon on my nokia two is not there, the bars are erratic 1 now 4 later, but still usable.


I haven’t bought a Faiba mifi yet and honestly I don’t think I’ll do it any time soon. I’m not a heavy data user so kawaida Airtel bundles serve me well. I’m also not yet ready to pull that trigger until Faiba coverage gets closer to the other networks coz what’s the point of having a mifi when you can only use it in limited areas?


Guys, I asked this a few weeks ago and no one had the same complaint; Anyone else experiencing slow speeds on Faiba? Whether on phone or mifi, speeds have slowed down significantly. I barely get past 2Mbps (250KBps) :persevere::persevere:


Me here hadi nmeeka iyo line kando. When I raised the issue they said that they will be adding a new site in my area soon so I guess problem is that many guys have joined the network. Am barely hitting 8mbps on mine


Yeah I also get similar slow speeds :confused:


Mimi am used to slow speeds, only time it’s abit fast is from 12am,network is only 2bars


I think for the case of Faiba its more of a home or office use network since you are not guaranteed to experience a consistent network while on the go.

Yes I did yesterday at around 8.30PM and it was in fact sort of network outage for like 30 minutes before service was restored.


Yesterday was bad, i had to buy safaricom, even this morning it’s still not that great.


This afternoon it’s pretty bad :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


kwani nyiyi mko wapi mine is working just fine and I hardly experience any downtimes.


For the first time I’m experiencing a downtime that exceeds an hour. Actually, the connection is intermittent and not total outage. One minute iko, the next imepotea.


This is not good, unless you are using it to conduct light browsing… It used to average 15-20Mbps.


Mine is so slow too, ikienda sana leo ni 1Mbps


Not fast as usual but at least I can browse now


I realized that In my area the speed deteriorate when Big football matches are being played like yesterday speed went down the moment Champions League began then after the games ended around past midnight the speed was back to normal


It’s also a struggle for me.


I think Faiba is unwittingly demonstrating that there is such a thing as too cheap a data bundle. If they don’t find a way to fix it watakuwa kama YU ile time walikuwa na free calls usiku. The service was just barely usable. Their unlimited internet was even worse never mind that it was 2G.

Anyways, back on topic… Faiba’s only salvation is to increase prices. Even if they increase 4G boosters their core business which is Fiber connections might suffer because of too many users attracted by the cheap bundles.