Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


This is when I have a lot of stuff to download. Normal usage is around 50 - 100 GB per week.

Normal usage includes streaming, updates, app/program downloads, file backups, general browsing etc.


Heh 400 okay, I just use my internet for Google drive work sync so I can work from anywhere usually about 400mb every weekday, lot’s of YouTube usually at 480p on phone, tablet, laptop or TV 480p looks good, I stream radio TuneIn, custom playlists on SoundCloud I stream music as long as I am not on a call, I am not a movie or series guy my span of attention only allows me to watch a movie kidogo kidogo for like 2 weeks.
25 GB takes me about 2 weeks on a busy month so 2k on data is enough.


what is this you download though? Streaming doesnt kula data like that maybe torrents. Uko na movie shop?


Hapana. :blush:

Just a few terabytes of disk space. My average movie download is 10-20 GB and a single 1080p episode is 3-4GB.

The shows I watch aren’t on Netflix or Amazon Prime, unfortunately, so I have to resort to other means.


This is what I used to do when I was employed. Hiyo internet nilikua naeka tu torrents 1080p per episode. 10 episodes ume mumunya 30-50GB


Have Mercy :rofl:


Had noticed Faiba speeds had started going slow but they saying that they are setting up another site to sort out the issue

Alafu I found another way to access my account n buy bundles, by going to http://faiba4g.co.ke/index.php/account
I access the site using airtel/saf internet after I’ve topped up using mpesa then i buy bundles from there before switching on Faiba data
I’m still being requested to verify my number on the site but for now i cant coz my device is data-only so i cant receive the verification sms., but it hasn’t been a problem so far


This looks interesting!


This is what I usually use. Sometimes I use the app too.


I still don’t know why mmekataa kutumia the app which works like a breeze for me.


I am like you, I was interested in Safaricom Faiba but with Faiba 4G I am no longer interested in it.


Yeah the app works well.


Waah people go hard on data here mimi 2GB kumaliza in a week ni bahati


2GB namaliza in 40minutes… gone are the days we used to buy movies in DVDs, Music albums and watch football in clubs… Streaming is the in-thing right now


When I grow up I want to be like you :sob::sob::sob:


This is how faiba performs in kisumu not bad it is just too enjoyable


sisi watu wa kustream Tv shows hiyo ni episode mbili pekee


Watu wa NGONG how is Faiba 4G around those areas. Like Ngong town or Matasia?

@Peter_Ngure Saidia maoni bwana


What happened to the news that Samsung and jtl had partnered and Samsung could release an update to their phones to enable Volte after valentines ?


Looks like the deal was never closed