Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Leo nimepatikana. Loaded airtime via mpesa at midnight. Hadi sahii haijaingia.


@deewinc Patience my friend, patience. Currently am using Airtel 4G na so far si complain though the speeds are not as high as Faiba


I reminded them in the morning and they sorted the issue after like 30 minutes. Kumber Faiba ikienda down buying bundles from other players you feel the pinch.


Good times right here…


For those looking for 4G routers. I’m not sure whether it supports Faiba.
Check out this product I found:


With these bands i doubt if it supports faiba


For some reasons I do not understand I cant get past 900KB/s with faiba nowadays… streaming or downloading something makes the network unusable for anything else. I have resulted in subscribing to Safaricom’s unlimited 4G whenever I decide to do something demanding online, at least it averages 5MB/s. I thought JTL said they have the capacity to accommodate everyone… what up? They might slowly be turning into another Reliance Jio :persevere: . Saf FTTH nao bado dragging their feet to potential clients along thika road nkt.


Well, Faiba is now in Kisii town. Hope they cover more towns.


I thought it was among the top 10 towns. Kiss people are internet people!


Pole man. At least for me in timbuktu it has been serving me so well. Consistency matches Safaricom, only that Safaricom is super fast but as along as Faiba 4G gives me 10+mbps I’m good.


They haven’t even launched officially. When i travel out of Nairobi, I have the habit of carrying around Lumia phone to check status of Faiba network., that’s how i got to know about it.


I was wondering coz I’ve checked on their website, Kisii is not updated yet


My kind of problems now is finishing the 25GB monthly, I thought it was only the 8GB weekly that wouldn’t end. Now I just got the notification that my 25GB has expired, I probably had 6GB remaining.


Lost 4GB yesterday. But haisuruu :joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy::joy: you guys, How?? I always buy 25GB twice a month…! ooh, lemme guess, you guys have FTTH :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, I would also like to give a shout out to Safaricom for the Unlimited 4G for 100… Really comes in handy, otherwise ningenunua Faiba 25gb mara tatu nne :grin:


If you have FTTH or HFC, the 25 GB faiba may not be depleted in a month. I use Faiba as a back up in case you know who decides to misbehave.


Yes we do, and very little in way of a life.


Safaricom fiber is now available in our area but I won’t get connected,Faiba is more than I need,if I take the 2,500 and buy faiba bundle 25+25+8 GB I don’t think I can deplete that in a month, until faiba sucks I am sold.


What do you people do on the internet? Hii wiki nimekuwa very busy na usage yangu ni around 44 GB. That is my usage without trying.

Nikiamua usage hufika around 400 GB in a week. (Around 50 GB of that ni normal use)


What! 400 GB??! Netflix 4K?? Eish!