Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


hehehe kua serious :joy::joy:., but I blame newbies for this., especially if you join wanting to make quick cash, na huna mtu to take you through what is required step by step. Better to even start writing using someone else’s account akulipe peanuts lakini akusho vile u supposed to work


Tupeleke hii topic private juu imekua moto sasa :joy::joy::joy:
Tuache Faiba 4G kwa thread


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Just saw this, but I will not buy. Faiba could have made them do this.

Safaricom Unlimited 4G for 100 bob



Just got the same unlimited 4G offer @ 100 for 3 hours


Zitapotea tu. There was one for 100 minutes for 20bob 3hrs. I enjoyed it while it last. It was there for like a week.


I had so much to catch up on this thread that I missed this update. But it’s useful for that thread to stand on it’s own.

Faiba4G has enough content on it’s own.


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I have been shopping for an unlocked 4G Mi-Fi that can support Faiba as well as other networks I came across this MI-FI on http://www.gadgethub.co.ke/index.php?route=product/product&path=70&product_id=137 they say it supports faiba 4G has anyone here tried out this or are there other faiba compliant unlocked MiFi available locally? MiFi-fiba-228x228


Get a modem that supports Band 20 and 28.


is a modem a better option compared to a mifi ? and what advantages does it have over a mifi ?


Since mifi’s use batteries, signal reception and transmission is usually coded to consume power moderately.

With modems they depend on a secondary source of energy. So signal reception or transmission for wingles (modems with wifi transmitters) is usually stronger since there’s no battery to preserve.

That is what I noted with early mifis. Even with the current Faiba 4G mifi, signal reception and transmission is low. Even if you increase the strength still it remains low.

I have an Airtel wingle modem and my 6 year old android phone and my current phone can transmit wifi to longer distances and past walls than all the mifi routers I have ever owned. Two were Safaricom ones and one Orange (I gave them out due to poor signal reception and transmission).

In fact, these wingle modems are expensive than mifi routers. Getting one too that supports Faiba might be a hustle. So we’re just left with mifis as the only option of getting connected other than phones.


Thanks for that but theres a certain guy selling the wifi modems and says that its faiba 4G compliant so am just undecided what to go for would you recommend igo with the wifi modem or the routers he says soon this week he will be shipping in some unlocked mifi routers and will be going for 5500 whereas the wifi modems are going for 5100 .


If there are mifis with LAN port, update me


Despite the wingle modem or modems in general being superior, they need to be hooked up to some powersource in order to work. So that means, mifi routers have the advantage of having a powersource built in.

So I’ll say modem if you wish to use the modem in doors using an external powersource for example a laptop or even USB chargers. They’ll work. Some multi plugs and bulb holders even come with USB ports.

If you wish to move around a lot then go with the mifi router.


How about the usage which one will accomodate more users than the other or do they accomodate the same number of users?


MiFi can be shared by up to 10 users depending on the device.

Modems can only be used on the device they are plugged into. (You can always create a hotspot from the device you are using and still get the benefits of a MiFi. I have not found any software that does this perfectly though)

I am not sure how this would work. Most modems need to install some software before they can work.


They both fair equally. 8-10 users for modems and mifis priced around 3k to 7k. If you need more users you might need powerful mifi routers that have better transmitters and receivers. We speaking of 10K+ for this.


How about the mifi i posted above from gadget hub do you think it could be a better option the downside of this mifi is that i realized it comes with a 1500mah battery