Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Don’t know but there has been a huge drop in quality for faiba4g, titter images not loading, network bars going from full last week to one today, looks like they shall soon join telkn am and airtel in junk ISPs


They updated FB (not sure about Twitter) that there are challenges for connecting incoming calls. But they’re addressing it. I suppose that is the case. But for me in Timbuktu service iko nyweee. Sijaona network fluctuation.


Purchase of bundles via mpesa is a real nightmare :rage::rage::rage::rage: its almost heading to 48hrs


How do you do this? mimi natuma pesa kwa number (mpesa to airtime) kwanza and then make a purchase from the line. Or it’s the same thing?


I had a similar issue. Apparently their system is down. They had to manually load my account after I complained on twitter.


Meant that. Wamenistress jana na leo mzima


Poleni sana. Na bahati basi. Bought bundles juzi.


Faiba is feeling the burden of mass migration to their network the 700mhz spectrum seems not to hold much


sijui niaje but sija experience any issue na faiba network … jana jioni tu ndio mifi iliji-reset to default settings but iko sawa sasa. My girlfriend too sijaskia akiteta about issue na sim card yake na vile yee hupenda kustream hd videos. May be shida ni on select customers


The issue walisema ni calls to Faiba network could not be completed and they are addressing it. That is jana. So I assume juu calls bado tu ziko 4G, they had to fix and break and fix a few things here and there. I have noticed two people complaining about service yesterday in a Facebook group yenye niko.

I can say watu kibao wame migrate. We’re like 20,000+ kwa group. The majority are on bundles living in areas where FTTH is a taboo. A good number have made the switch to Faiba. Out of thread ya Faiba jana, two people complained of network fluctuation.


Just did some speedtests n yenyewe speeds ain’t the same as before


Plus sijui wligeua boaster Bamburi nikiingia kwa nyumba ni one bar ama I place my nokia 2 kwa window sill, elsewhere it’s okay but no as fast as before, although I noticed lots of faiba 4G hotspots around my area, i think all my neighborhood is hooked


Whats the name of the goup on facebook i wish to join …



Surprised to see that the group has 100K members. Though it’s not a group dedicated to Faiba 4G. Just hustlers who largely depend on the internet to earn a living.


ok cool lemmie check it out asap .


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