Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


True. And probably they might consider upgrading their No. of user connection form 8 to lets say 30 or dongles with LAN port


Guy has talked of successfully updating the firmware. You can request for it from him. Check the link below.


Checking it out. Thanks


This looks lovely


Already on sale?


What??? Jtl played us… This is much cooler :yum:


That’s what you get for being early adopters aka guinea pigs.

Edit: …and when are we getting the update for the Samsung devices?


Aye @fwosi, Does this ZTE mifi have LAN Port?


Guys I just followed this link https://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/faiba-mifi.71525/page-3 by @holycow and saw the pictures then decided to post it here for forum members to see


That guy said its same price as the current mifi


They have told me the same on Twitter


LAN port on a MiFi would be god sent, I would buy it without asking too many questions.


Me too. It would change a lot


Outage,wasikuwe wamenza story mbaya mabaya


Kwani kumekuwa na outage???


I experienced slow speeds jana between 2pm and 4pm. Also happened juzi around same time. But si slow speeds kama ya Telkom ya global data fluctuation. I can say I like the way downtimes are handled.


Samsung EA said next month… But only for select devices.


Hey guys, Tenda app has never been updated since Jan 2017. To help you out, there is another app, bado by Tenda with latest update being jan 2018. The app looks better (colour wise) and rating kwa play store is 4.2. (FYI, the orange tenda rating is 3.2, sijui kwa nini) The app is called Viettel MIFI and it looks like this


Hi, have the speeds improved? and how have they been generally this feb (what speeds?). I am considering on whether to buy the mifi router or not, kindly help.


The speeds were not that bad after all. It’s hard to notice the speeds are down especially with normal browsing. I noticed it when streaming YouTube 1080p when it buffered a bit.

Everything is back to normal as of yesterday evening. Streamed S9 launch event live @1080p with no buffering.

Done tons of stuff today and I thought I would save on bundles but my appetite for fast speeds and affordable internet has more than doubled.

Go a head and buy it. Being new to the game. Nearly a month now of using Faiba 4G and no crazy downtimes like what Airtel and Telkom (Telkom the worst) experience, you have to give credit.