Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Should have been more specific…office 2010/2013/2016, Windows all versions…Its just 1k. For Project/Visio, its 5k. The software is free(PM for links). Licensing is what i charge for.


Here ZTE MF283 4G LTE https://www.4gltemall.com/zte-mf283-4g-lte-wireless-gateway.html


Windows 10 professional ni how much time to upgrade


@Pascal 've messaged you privately.
Guys, For en-queries about software licensing, PM me. The thread is about Faiba 4G, let’s keep it that way.


Faiba have agreed to send me the update file for the MiFi and instructions on how to update the device.

@sarunibm @martingicheru Any idea how we can host it here in forums? The file is 155MB.


Zippyshare.com, Mega.nz, Google Drive, Dropbox.

So many free options :grin:

I’d recommend using Mega.nz if you don’t intend on hosting the file on your Dropbox or Google drive account forever.


Or you send screenshots of the document.


I will do so later. Probably Google Drive will do. I will update this post later.


MiFi Firmware update and instructions

Firmware (155MB) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a-vzcSYZiyfr-v0skU3obsVO1oIWtUr2

Instructions (23KB) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PPHBKy9hd09eZZ6rQ6uR5FHl-UVYHrkB

Let me know if the files are accessible and downloadable.


It would be good if you gave us a changelog, ama hiyo hukupewa?


Is it an update ama ni ile I heard them saying they were using to repair some mifi devices customers returned due to connection issues? what’s new?


Unfortunately hiyo sikupewa

To solve the issue of some routers resetting user credentials back to default values especially with wifi SSID and password.



After several attempts to update the device software, I have given up. It’s not working.

First I got stuck here. Tried on a windows 10, switched to a windows 8, and then windows 7. Same error showing.

So I went online and tried to find a workaround of that error. The error is solved for all I had to do was install the adb file and create a new command path. So I attempted again to update the device and nothing is happening. The device reboots and that’s it.


sorry man, seems like you will have to stick with “123…” password and “admin” as username :laughing: and hope no one hio mtaa ataamua kuguess


:joy::joy::joy: Nitapeleka huko JTL kwao soon. Sasa nakaa macho na hiyo portal ya mifi to make sure hakuna mwizi online


Uko kama mimi… nilichoka ku-set password kila mara… niki-suspect ka-mwizi natoa battery


I took mine to their Head office in upper hill and it was rectified but something caught my eye… I found their technical team using a Faiba branded ZTE dongles which are much good-looking. I asked them if I could get one of those but they said no coz they’re planning to launch it soon… So it seems like mango-technologies Dongle is gonna be replaced by ZTE much faster than we thought.


But I thought this Mango thing is also ZTE just running on Mango Software?


Nah. It’s just Mango. I was also expecting it to be ZTE but found out it really isn’t.


was planning to purchase the mifi but then i think i would rather wait they launch those dongles…they could retail at a much cheaper price