Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


any suggestions on routers that have LAN ports and supports band 28 ya faiba


Has anyone done a Faiba speedtest within 87 on Waiyaki Way? I want to buy a mifi and need to be sure the speeds are fast and reliable.


I have used the MiFi along that road, all the way to Kikuyu. It is shaky. Good. Bad. But not terrible.


They say it supports Faiba 4G but the price tag…


wah, that website has some expensive stuff… they should list stuff in dollars so that it doesnt seem expe…:joy: like that router, “mhh, ni $150 tu?” But kusema router ni ksh15,000 …:persevere::disappointed_relieved:


Somehow all 4G routers supporting LTE band 28 ni expensive kama zote.


I have that problem as well. Doesn’t help that there’s no battery indicator so that at least you can keep it charged.


Thanks but when I do this it resets the SSID and Password


Thanks for the advice. Downloaded the app but it doesn’t work with my MiFi/Phone :confused:


Confirmed. Hakuna kuchangisha bundles. Someone give me torrent link ya Office 2013 please.
38 PM


:joy::joy::joy: we told you earlier


Nicheke tu :joy::joy::joy:


How you people are such data consuming lightweights is beyond me… Gamers? Online Classes?


I use a lot of data. Mihustukia tu. But mostly I’m into Tutorials and watching documentaries.


Thank you but then my budget for a router doesn’t go past kshs. 7500 thats way expensive


Besides noticed the Faiba mifi has a wide range of bands except the fact that it is locked so unlocking it can solve the band support issue.


Watu wanunue software…


:grin::grin::grin: Testing lazima kwanza


I offer genuine Microsoft software(Windows,Office,Project and Visio) and licensing at a very discounted price.


Office 365 personal key mangapi?