Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


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Safaricom fighting back???

But wait, there’s a catch???


Mine too, had to manually input the settings before I got a signal, though my device is data-only, but I can’t complain

Those time limits on Safcom are prohibitive


In utawala its like the network is along the road ukiingia ata 500m inside signal goes to 1bar


Ruaka near Ndenderu


So the SMS tells you 1GB is 49/- but the app says 1GB is 69/- that alone is unwelcoming then top up the 12 hour limit? Nonsense


There is 1GB for 49/- Valid for 3 hours.


Let me raise you…


Anyone experiencing issues using Safcon simcard with JTL? At midday I managed to use lipa na mpesa while JTL signal was unavailable. Been getting an error since then - airtime, using paybill. I have JTL on SIM slot 1 and Safcon in slot 2. When I used a single sim phone it worked well, put it back as line 2 and ‘Not Sent’ error.

Is there a general safcon dual SIM issue I am not aware of?

(Jokes about Kenya being a dual SIM phone are welcome AFTER a plausible answer to this query is given :rofl:)


Safaricom are joking around. What a meaningless offer


I have had similar issues before. This is a common issue with the JTL MIFI since one doesn’t know when the battery has low charge (unlike the Safaricom MIFI). I asked a guy here in Techweez and he recommended I download the Tenda WIFI app on playstore. I did and since then I have no problems. This is because the app has a battery meter for your MIFI if it is switched on. You can therefore check the phone and if the battery of the MIFI and you will be able to see whether it needs a recharge. This will avoid situations of the MIFI going off and you facing challenges with it. I hope this helps.


I am enjoying JTL services so far. This is a brilliant game changer


It’s Tunukiwa. Everyone has a different offering. My sister who hardly uses Safaricom data always gets the best offers. So she get’s it @49bob while I have been offered the same for @69bob :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Update I think I did not even notice it.


You should try using the Faiba app for this, instead of the self-care page. Just sign up for the app using the same details you used while registering your SIM, i.e. email and stuff.

Here is the app:


This was because you had not updated your phone yet.


Hold the power button for like two seconds until the battery icon goes on. Then the network signal will go on followed by the wifi signal.


This is the first time I have heard of such a problem. It’s like Safaricom don’t want to be thrown into SIM 2.


Hey Guys, Faiba 4G bundles do not rollover!
This I think is the catch with Faiba 4G.
Also, some of their Social Media C.Care Reps do not have a clue about their products/services.
I was misled by one of their replies on twitter that the bundles do rollover… probably among the reasons I was compelled to buy.


Or it’s a marketing gimmick on their part thus are knowingly misleading people into buying their service :thinking:


Well, to me, the rollover is a non-issue. The prices are already too low. At first, I used to buy the 15GB weekly but realized I barely used 7GB and thus downgraded to the 8GB weekly and I am fine.


The service is ok on my side , but i agree with you they need to improve on customer care on social media. Sometimes they take long to reply or they do not reply at all until you post another question days later, then they revisit that last query they’d ‘ignored’ and answer your current query