Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


I thought I replied. Hmm. Strange. We bought the phone from a guy who supplies our office with stationery and IT stuff. It’s a new hustle. Doesn’t have a stall.


This looks interesting… Lemme try it out.


Thanks very much. This works well for me.


Do these faiba bundles roll over if you top up?


Thanks @aydensaruni for the device offer. Somehow @holycow offered me a deal I couldn’t resist. Details of the deal coming up tomorrow :joy::joy::joy:

I can confirm Eastlands we’re well covered and speeds are superb by that I mean speeds between 10mbps to as high as 45mbps depending with region

Areas tested so far

1. Kariobangi South
2. Umoja 3
3. Mowlem
4. Dandora Ph 1, Ph 2, and Ph 3
5. Komarock
6. Mama Lucy Hsp
7. Buruburu
8. Pioneer

I have to finalize my testing tomorrow. Areas remaining Donholm, Kariobangi, &Huruma


It’s cool bro, been trying to reply to you lakini either I get errors or I find the site being down.
Got the line today and surprisingly it’s working on my Lumia 640 XL LTE! First time when the shop guy tested his Faiba SIM card on my phone there was no signal but when doing a network search it was showing Faiba 4G LTE instead of the 639 10 that I normally get. I nonetheless decided to go ahead n buy it.
So after getting home and inserting my SIM I manually inserted the mobile data settings as given on the Faiba 4G site got network bars n i was all smiles; my 300 bob didn’t go to waste out of curiosity :joy:.
For a 2015 device running Windows 10 Mobile this phone was clearly ahead of it’s time
These are my speedtests, all done to Seacom Dar

I liked that the guy made the last 6 digits of my Faiba line similar to my Safcom line., lakini sasa vile the phone isn’t VoLTE enabled for now it won’t help when it comes to phone calls :grinning: , maybe in future, Interested to see how this line will take me and will be testing it more kesho in the CBD


Safaricom bombarding me with data offer sms’ I last bought the 1,499/- 10GB double data last month it has since ran out but no purchase has been made for 2 weeks now.
Faiba has been BAE for the last month and I still have 16GB of the 25 I bought, Although I am using the slow big chinned Nokia 2 it’s working great for me as the battery lasts all day even with the heavy tethering hotspot use.
I don’t think reality has hit safaricom yet or any of the other telcos, but the efficiency of Faiba is not to be underestimated it’s at par if not better, once coverage is allover things will be nice.
I bought some more nokia 2 phones for the fam, it’s a really solid phone for older folks and light users.




Haven’t topped up my saf line for over two months now. The airtel unliminet 400 minutes for 1k is serving me right, and I have the 6GB pending on that line since I got the nokia 2 with 8GB faiba juice. Life is good with long battery life and non-stop data flow, except at the Garden City Mall basement


Got faiba4G two weeks ago and I’m totally sold on their data offers and reliability. Using it on a Nokia 5, I’ve had no issues so far… except that I have to top up using a MPESA paybill :frowning_face:


There’s a lot of white spaces where photos should be. Is there any issue with uploading photos?


This one is stuck on Uploading…


Could you repost this with text results of your tests?..can’t see any images here, just blank white spaces.


here they are;

These next ones I did while going to the CBD from Rongai and back;
I was impressed getting a 63mbps at Masai Lodge when heading to town then when I was coming back to Rongai in the evening and did another test while passing there i got a 62mbps. Faiba is on steroids around that area :grinning::grinning:


Same here, I’m hooked to their net lakini the MPESA part is the bummer. Would also be nice if they had a data manager too coz when I’m out of bundles and i want to top up so that I can buy another bundle I find that part of my airtime has already been consumed to open the selfcare page so I have to top up with a bit extra airtime


Much appreciated…pretty good speeds!


Yea, signal strength is still kinda an issue and I noticed the lower the signal the slower the speeds, also in the CBD speeds were rather slow, under 10 mbps, but still good.
But still Faiba is sweet, yani you enjoy topping up that 1k coz you know it’s going to good use :grinning:


After a few days of testing thanks to @aydensaruni I just got mine on 31st Jan 2018. Tedious registration process (You’d think it’s a government census or IEBC voter registration)

Using a Nokia 2 bought from an airtel shop, they sell it a little higher at 11,500 and don’t even give you a screen protector (Learnt today that Midcom stopped retail sales and focus just on distributorship)

Yes topping up with MPESA is a pain. The lady’s assures me that Faiba Money is coming soon but at 25GB for 1K, I am willing to endure this ‘inconvenience’

My line didn’t work until I put in the APK settings (didn’t come automatically, did anyone else’s?) now I have ‘4G’ Data and VoLTE capability.

Faiba 4G Data APN settings

Name: Faiba4G
APN: faiba.co.ke
APN type: default
Proxy: Not set
Port: Not set
Username: Not set
Password: Not set
Server: Not set
MMSC: Not set
MMS proxy: Not set
MCC: 639
MNC: 10
Authentication type: Not set
APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified

For those living in Ruai, Utawala GSU/AP area I can confirm that JTL is available here and speeds are better than Telkom overall. Sometimes Telkom will jump to 15Mbps downloads but I am yet to see this sustained in the long run (Maybe Feb will be different) Besides why get Telkoms 100GB for 6K valid for 90 days when you can get 150GB for the same price on JTL I’d rather JTL even if it was slower.

The Nokia 2 takes FOREVER to charge. I recommend charging as soon as you got home so it has some juice before bed. It’s 1:30am And I am at 43% charge, still has 5 hours to go ( I can charge a S8/Note 8 3 times over in that period)

I couldn’t test in the CBD yet but shall make some trips and report back.


How do you turn it back on after the battery is over? I keep long pressing the power button and it resets the configs. Also just pressing the power button once does nothing


I think JTL is being more aggressive now; I’m seeing more Faiba 4G ads and more tents around town.