Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Gonna purchase the sun tomorrow. We’ll update findings soon. Komarock area


I will borrow it anywhere between 29th and 31st. But I will need it for lets say a day. Pick it in the morning and return in the evening. All I need is to check the availability and quality of service. Fingers crossed.

I will load the line.


I leave Nairobi on 22nd and return around 29th January. Well,let’s take the chat to inbox. We might agree.


Just bought the card. Below speeds around Buru Buru on a moving matatu


Saika Estate along Kangundo rd. Am impressed so far


Advising guys to instead buy the Nokia 2 instead of the mifi, if no network you can still use it on other networks


Guys, for those with the MIFI device have you noticed that the device has no system of telling you it is about to run out of charge? I agree the device holds charge for several hours but the difference with the Safaricom MIFI is that the latter blinks for some time which means one needs to recharge it. I spoke to a customer care who acknowledged that the Faiba MIFI doesn’t have such a feature. So I guess one has to time themselves while using it or something. Anyone with a better idea?


have you tried to check if it has a web interface, mostly on or


Just came across this offer by Africell Uganda, Orange’s successor. It’s a Wednesday only offer of 2.2GB for 3000 Ugandan bob, roughly 100 Kenyan bob., n here i thought 1GB at 50/100 was a super deal :smiley:


Hi , yes i use the web interface for several things including changing WiFi name and password. However so far I haven’t seen anything about battery there. Besides the Faiba customer care confirmed that their device doesn’t have a system of confirming battery of the device has been depleted. This is where the Safaricom MIFI is a better device it just doesn’t go off like this device. Speaking of Safaricom like others here I expected them to react to the Faiba assault on their position but they are still taking easy.


Band 28 is a blessing and curse.


The majority of people are ready to make the switch but the cost of making the switch is expensive. Safaricom knows that and that is why they have remained put.


Faiba has had minimal impact to Safaricom, I have barely heard anyone mention them ever since the launch. So for now Safaricom will keep generating as much as they can from data, improve their coverage and speeds, get enough money for 4G+ and 5G. That’s how its easy for them to stay ahead in the data market.


I agree with this and that is why I expect Faiba to benefit in the long term. Cheap internet is important for a lot of things including people’s livelihoods. Once people get on board and if services remain decent they will remain on board. I am convinced Safaricom will lose a significant part of its market share to JTL because of this.

@watesh Yes Safaricom has the advantage of being an early entrant into the market and they will continue to improve services and speeds. But the issue of cost will remain a challenge for them in the long term. I agree with @deewinc that once people can afford more people will move to Faiba. This is why the MIFI have been selling like hotcakes. I was unable to get them in two shops before I finally got mine.

I can only speak of my experience. I have a Safaricom 4G MIFI that I am not currently using. When I used to regularly use Safaricom internet I was always cautious about internet running out however big the bundle because of my heavy data usage. I would typically buy between 5GB and 7.5 GB and sometimes the bundle ran out quickly. I would watch several videos across days and find myself buying a new bundle quickly much to my inconvenience.
Now with JTL Faiba I am completely relaxed. I bought a 25GB bundle and I have been streaming like crazy for the first time in my life- I still have 5GB left. That is my point we live in an age in which we feel we need as much internet as possible- this is where JTL have done a brilliant job. Safaricom cannot rest on the laurels.


Faiba should launch Kabambe 4G phones like Jio did in India.
My dad has this big XTIGI kabambe that acts as a 10,000mah power bank and torch and juzi i was like… what if it was 4G and could share the internet via WiFi tethering? Even I would want one
They should engage with other manufacturers syds Nokia and see how they can capture the mass market with out of the box solutions


Bought the Faiba MFI 2 weeks ago and i can say so far am happy with it. Quick question do the bundles roll over?


Is it available in Kisumu now?


Well, I found an Android app that can slightly help with the battery issue. The app is called Tenda and works with Faiba. It is equivalent to Tenda 4G180.
See the photo below.


Unfortunately I’m always on the move, like this week i’m in Nyeri and i can confirm that there is no Faiba network hereDSC_2475


There is a Faiba app that one can use to purchase and check bundle balance. I find it convenient when checking my status via phone.