Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Realised speeds in shags are better than when in nairobi, I think because of number of users


I like your idea. After I would like to think of Techweez as a community. There are offcourse challenges with the logistics but this is an area that make Techweez an even better platform.


Hi guys , I finally bought the MIFI on Saturday. So far the experience has been good and speeds decent. I live near Karen and and the signal is strong enough for reception both upstairs and downstairs although the signal downstairs is not strong when the MIFI is in my room upstairs. Despite the fact that Speeds are good e.g 20-45 Mbps - latency is an issue on several occasions. Streaming of YouTube is easy but some iptv links can freeze on occasion. So far so good I guess.


The battery life is decent- my estimate is about 5-6 hours similar to the Safaricom MIFI.


Don’t buy the Nokia 3, its not compatible for both voice and data(Faiba 4G does appear on the the list when you do a network search).

Edit: Its working(data only) after an update to android 7.1.1.


I’ve just tested it. Its not working.
Edit: Its working(data only) after an update to android 7.1.1.


Have you talked to Faiba customer care. That may help.


Someone to help me with the MiFi router kitu end month I do some tests in our area?

I will leave you with security if need be. Just want to test it out before buying it.


It has a mediatek processor
Maybe thats the reason


Are you sure? I tested the network with Nokia 3 before I got the MiFi and it was working just fine after adding the APNs manually. I didn’t test for voice though, did data only.


I’m not even getting the signal bars. Did you have that issue? Faiba 4G does appear on the list of available networks when i do a network search but i can’t “join” the network.

Edit: I will post screenshots later. Please provide the APNs.


Yes.They told us to to take the device to their offices.
Edit: Good thing is we can take the device back to the seller and exchange it for another device of a higher amount (must do this within two weeks and meet the additional cost).


Which store?


Any one guys? I will give the full cost of the device as security.


Still nothing even after i enter the APN settings. We are returning the device.

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Edit: There is a system update though…don’t know whether it’ll change anything.

12 AM10 AM


Its working after the update. Voice is not working even after inputting the APN settings(The “VoLTE provisioned, Video and Wifi calling” switches keep turning themselves off).

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We are still returning the device though.


I would happily lend you the one I am using but it is my primary source of internet…


Thank you so much. Now we have to arrange for a date :grin:


So turns out Faiba 4G isnt available in kisumu yet si ningelia kwa choo if i had bought the mi-fi but the good news is by the course of the week according to them the set up will be complete.


I wish you’d specify how many days you’ll need to be with the device. I might be away towards the end of the month (briefly travelling out of Faiba 4g coverage area). So who loads the line? Provide more information as it might make it easy for one to decide.