Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


It is hard for them to do such a review but may be @martingicheru and team should use some suggestion I have here.

Since Martin and team have the device (Faiba 4G router), they can make arrangements with some of us. A few members should be selected, then they lease it out (or offer it on free basis :grin::grin::grin:) for a day to each of the selected member.

So the selected members have to test the device from their area of residence. Then return the device alongside the results for another member in the selected group to do the tests from a different location.

Based on the collected results, Martin and team can publish a very comprehensive article about Faiba 4G service in Nairobi.

For example, team members kukue na mtu wa Mwiki, Kitengela, Kiambu, Komarock, Athi River, Kariobangi South (I vouch for me :grin::grin::grin: - I can do the test in Kariobangi, Mathare, BuruBuru, Innercore, Umoja; yes I can do all of them in a day by moving to pals’ homes), Pipeline, Embakasi, Kasarani, Thika, Kikuyu, CBD and more if possible.

That way, people will rely on such information to know where Faiba 4G is good or weak. Hata may be JTL can use such a research to improve quality of service.

If that is possible…it will be cool :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


This will be a challenge for some reasons:

  1. Needs a standardized test methodology.
    Members need to agree onnehat kind of tests to conduct and how to report results.

  2. A cycle must be established and followed
    You can’t have comprehensive results in 1 day as it won’t account for changing habits - weekend residential users are more than weekdays so at least a Monday - Monday cycle is required.

  3. Matching locations
    Determine the locations targeted by JTL and test in those or similar ones. No point to test in an area where people won’t care about JTL mobile (like leafy lower Kabete, before KGS/Kabete Campus)

Perhaps with practice a community of testers can be established and such testing will be defacto for every product or OTT service coming to Kenya. I’d like to see how showmax or iflix handles in some areas - contention ratio in Buru is crazy


Heat is only a problem for a lithium-based battery if you charge when it’s hot. Just put your device on a solid surface (no pillows or cloth and preferably not wood), with good air flow, and away from sunlight to allow proper heat dissipation. Also try to keep screen off and minimize background processes that use the data connection.

You can safely discharge a lithium-ion battery as long as temperature doesn’t exceed 60 degrees Celsius. However, the MAXIMUM safe charging temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. You can even use a device while it charges as long as you keep an eye on temperature. It’s the greatest li-ion killer.

Remember that your battery works because of chemistry and just one mistake can cause permanent damage. Before I started research on battery health, I had killed a brand new battery in less than a week. That’s when I realized that there had to be a fool-proof way to keep batteries alive and I figured it out. That one dead battery made me learn a great deal.


Not only in Nairobi but also other major cities am majorly interested in kisumu coz naona job ikinipeleka huko


This is a noble idea. However, since the tests shall be based on user experience and not from experts. Exemptions can be made such as standardization of the process.

This is a great idea that shall be part of the standardization. For example, testing to be done between Tuesday and Friday. Times of testing between 10am and 4pm. (Peak times can be left out since the modem needs to exchange hands. But after all, daytime testing shall give you an idea of what to expect at peak times. If the speeds are bad during daytime them expect the speeds to be worse at peak times).

For example, Airtel is not that good during daytime in our area. From 7pm things get bad and the internet becomes barely usable. For Safaricom 4G is so good during daytime. However, quality of service drops from 8pm there until 11pm. But it is still usable. Well Telkom is like a moody girlfriend. It’s hard to comment on it. Speeds can be bad in the morning and be great at peak times and vice versa.

All in all, the tests are meant to give us a picture of what to expect when using Faiba 4G and @martingicheru and team can issue a disclaimer on the article. Something like the tests were conducted by Techweez users and not experts in the telecoms field.


Reason why I have mentioned Nairobi ni juu Techweez have the mifi router here in Nairobi. Pia with Nairobi the device can exchange hands without so much hustle. First, it can begin as an experiment for Nairobians.

Kama kuna volunteers who have the device in other towns and willing to move around those towns to test, then that can be great. The article can be edited periodically to include more results from other towns. But as of now for Nairobi it’s easy to begin with.


Bought the simcard this weekend and I can say the network is abit patchy in Utawala am receiving only 2 bars on the phone


which side of Utawala?


If you reach benedikta its full bars but once you branch kuenda ndani, kinkar, githunguri its poor


Damn it must be poor in my area. I live in Ruai close to Githunguri


I tested the MiFi in Eldoret about on 18th December 2017 and the speeds were good.
The speeds in Nakuru were not that impressive so didn’t bother saving the screenshot.


If you live in ruai then I think you will be fine


Another thing I noticed when in benedikta utawala with full bars the max speed was around 11mbps using fast.com/en/ tested twice around 3pm today


In my house near githunguri utawala I get one to 2 bars😓 and max speed I have reached is 3.5mbps


I have a HTC Desire 10 pro so I will test the speeds as soon as I get a line. 3.5mbps is decent but a bit low


Exact location or locations in Eldy? That might help in the mapping exercise.


How is the battery life for the MiFi router?


@Krizwech you tested Faiba 4G in Masai Lodge Rongai, am also in Rongai, we could link up & test at Ole Kasasi, Maasai Mall, Nafrom, Tuskys, Kware/Nairobi Women’s Hospital and Laiser areas. Rongai is big :smiley:


Around Bargétuny plaza.


I have Telkom Mifi router giving me some good speeds in uShago Nyakach with 3G+ speeds beating safaricoms 4g so wondering if the launch 4G here wat will the speeds be like