Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


Why is the Nokia 3 an ignored phone? It’s just 3k more than the 2 with better screen, double RAM and storage, ama it’s not compatible?


Not really :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s chip is a Mediatek, all others are Snapdragon.

I still cannot confirm any phone outside of the four Nokias to support both voice and data.


I feel like JTL is not doing enough to push this new LTE service.


Their product is not ready for consumption in the market. They would be wasting marketing cash


It depends with what they do with that marketing cash. If they use it on advertising 4G, that money will go to waste.

The right thing to do is use that money to subsidize router prices. Already people have phones and not in a hurry to upgrade (money matters too).

On the other hand people have modems and routers and not planning to pay to get a new router. Still money matters. So what do you do? Work with what you have and that is to get bundles.

If they price their router at around 2,500/= or get a modem and price it there, people would flood on their network real fast.


I still don’t understand why they didn’t offer unlimited akin to Airtel Postpaid unlimited, this would have been a killer


The potential cost savings on data bundles is enough to make a user to invest in the router. My only concern is that they (Jamii Telcom) might increase bundle prices once they get a substantial number of subscribers because most routers that support 700 MHz LTE don’t work on 800 Mhz hence it will be difficult to jump ship to Safcom or Telkom.


Now saving is the problem considering that most data users spend around 20-50bob on data everyday. So imagine saving 20bob to reach 5,400/=

That person would be required to stay offline too to reach that milestone. It would be painful to reach that and have the bundle prices changed :thinking::thinking::thinking:


You are right. the MIFI router is selling like hotcakes. I tried to purchase a MIFI router today at T-mall and found it was out of stock. While inside the mall I called JTL customer care who assured me that I would find it at Phone express in Nakumatt Mega. I went there and was told it was also out of stock. The lady behind the counter explained that a smartly dressed guy who had left the shop was also looking for the same device. I again called JTL and they asked me to pick it from their office. Clearly lots of people are buying their devices. I actually have a Safaricom MIFI but I have not loaded internet - I am moving to JTL because of costs and unless they shaft their customers I cant see myself returning to Safaricom.


So, I have been using Faiba 4G at home (Muthiga, Kinoo) and recently the speeds have been very disappointing. They don’t even hit 1Mbps.


Main reason why i always dont want to be an early adopter but still patient ju i got telkom mifi ya Alcatel and am dissatisfied with it network falls almost daily contemplating JTL but complaints on reducing speeds put me off i’ll wait till it is full mass market ready


Niko Keja haunting around. If those are the speeds there. But let’s say it’s a hitch. So naeka Safcom fiber first priority sasa.


Go with Safaricom, I’m from the same area(Kikuyu) & Faiba4G has been meh at best, inashika in one room haishiki in the other, I really hope they set a base station in the area. For now Saf is the better option.


damn that’s slow., na vile i was so psyched up to get one, even went on a hunting spree on Sunday evening from Tuscom at Tuskys Rongai then Tmall, didn’t get one, I even trekked from Tmall to Nakumatt Mega and found the last remaining router and line but the lady said the net was down so they couldn’t register the line
Lemme just take my time before getting one


This is precisely why we need a detailed review of the product by Techweez - a point I made a long while back. It would be for example interesting to see if issues of speed are regional specific or if it is an issue related to time of the day- nature of residence etc. I am still trying to buy my device but it would have been nice if at least a review of the pros and cons was already up even if the review was an in initial one with all the caveats.


If the bundle price increases dramatically, Jamii Telcom will have a mass exodus on its hands. I’m currently in the process of importing a ZTE mf910 router that can work with Faiba 4G. There’s conflicting information about whether or not it supports 800 MHz so fingers crossed. If it does, it will be easy to hop from one network to another. If it doesn’t, I’ll consider selling it depending on bundle prices.


i decided to wait them out since i dont have a 4G Device and so far the feedback out here for them is not that positive.


I am still planning to get mine. I have sampled opinions online among those who use it and they say outages do take place but the company responds to them when they take place. In other words typical issues related to a new product. So, I dont expect a perfect experience but the dilemma for me is as follows;

  1. Safaricom Fiber to home hasn’t reached my neighborhood
  2. I like Safaricom 4G double data offer but they restricted it to phones thus inconveniencing those with the Safaricom MIFI
  3. In the last two months I have twice bought 4G double data for 2,000 shillings on my secondary device to use as a portable WiFi - the problem is the phone an HTC M8 overheats a lot when I do this. In other words my phone battery is getting damaged because of the nature of Safaricom’s offers.
  4. Meanwhile my Safaricom 4G MIFI which is less than a year old remains unused.
  5. The choice is therefore to spend 2,000 on a new 4G double data bundle and continue with these inconveniences or take the plunge with JTL Faiba even while recognising their are challenges with the product.

I shall keep you guys updated. …:grinning:


So far, I think the speeds are region specific… Either Kinoo is far from a base station or there’s so much interference coz town I get good speeds.