Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


That’s odd. Okay. We’ll go with what they said. I’m also surprised they don’t have ZTE phones. ZTE is slacking there.


a few gigs of downloads…study Material…haha



A contributor on Techweez called it HD self aggrandisement.


a few tibs* of downloads ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You must be running a bot network or have some serious malware. Thats way too much for what you describe.


This could be true. S8+ supports the frequency but it’s locked till Samsung pushes an update. I’m hoping they do this when Android Oreo comes in Jan 2018

I do 1GB a day in my lowly Telkom Modem + 1GB on phone because I try conserve data (keeping costs down) I’d easily do 10x this if I was on full wifi all the time.

PS4 Games average 50GB and I’d download 4 a month = 200GB
Streaming 10+ hours a day @ 720p = 162GB (5 min is 45MB so (45 X 12) X 10 hours X 30 days)
Work = 300GB a month (cloud sync, migrations, restoring machines etc)

500GB a month is not that crazy…


2 days ago,… heavily… 2GB…


truly, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.


Wait, you have an S8 & it isn’t working on Faiba?


I am on a Zuku home connection and those speeds are really tempting considering I pay for 50mbps and I get 5 -20mbps average from this annoying company. However, is use an average of 100 - 200GB a month on just my laptop. I stream YouTube on TV 1080p and 20gb on my phone a month (autoplay videos on Facebook and Instagram plus google photos syncing are to blame) . I am not alone in the household so Faiba may just be suitable for phone usage but it will be very convenient for those without access to Zuku or Safcom FTTH


Granted yes even a TB a month is hackable for pro users like yourself. I also burn through about 1-1.5 gb on my phone daily. But for what he describes then it doesnt seem plausible. Unless theres someone riding on his connection ama torrents.


I got myself a Mi-Fi and Nokia 2. Looks good. Hope the speeds remain so.


How’s the Nokia 2 fairing? Reading some not so good reviews of it. What has been your experience with it so far?


Could we also get an indepth review of Nokia 2 from Techweez, especially in line with the fact that it is the cheapest phone with VOLTE in Kenya…


Nokia 2 runs on Stock Android 7.1.1, no other bloatware, dual SIM At 10,900/= for a 4G device you don’t expect much.Voice quality is ok. Well, it won’'t be my main phone, more of messing around with Faiba 4G.

I tried Faiba 4G SIM card on iPhone 6S plus. It connects to data but not voice.
The Mi-Fi is locked to Faiba Network.
http://selfcare.jtl.co.ke/ for purchasing bundles, checking balance etc. I have topped up via Mpesa.


This is coming, we just published the first impressions article today.


Does it have a notification LED?


Has anyone used the 4G Network in Ruaka/Ndenderu area? Would be interested to find out the speeds before I buy a device.


No (From the reviews I have seen/read so far)


Nope, everything dark not even while charging.


@holycow @Trey Too bad. I think i’ll wait for better devices. @martingicheru Any update on the moto phones?