Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


So the guy who bought it went to use it in Nakuru and he says he’s getting 60Mbps, that’s proper 4G speeds. The highest I’ve got in Nairobi is 17Mbps.


only for data but not both data and calling


Hi, when are you guys planning to have a detailed review of this product. It would be nice if you could do it soon for us who are interested in the product. As the best technology blog in Kenya we need the review.


Wow, that is amazing


Noted. We’ll have it up soon but first we are waiting for JTL to iron out some issues with logistics and customer experience.


Idle mind, I had some time before I got the wifi modem, the network is pretty strong, for someone who struggles to exhaust the 30GB Telkom monthly,then I can rehook my Chromecast and get 90 GB for the same price but at incredible speeds.


What of duration?


Is there a Nokia 3? I’m seeing a Nokia 3 listed on Jumia. Is it fully compatible with the Faiba network?

Edit: I think the one on Jumia is not 4G enabled.

This one is:


Yes. There is a Nokia 3.


Any genuine Nokia 3 is LTE-ready and should work on Faiba 4G (Band 28). Not sure if it supports VoLTE though.

All new Nokia phones so far are 4G ready. It is 2017 and we are talking about Nokia here. :blush:


JTL haven’t yet listed Nokia 3 among the fully compatible devices. Refer here

So you may need to confirm with them before committing. You either go for Nokia 5 or Nokia 2 if you want the full experience without limitations.


I’m currently at Jamii Towers getting my Faiba SIM card and to my disappointment my Sony Xperia Z3+ is not compatible with the SIM despite Xperia Z3+ being listed in their compatibility list of phones and GSM ARENA also saying it supports the 700Mhz frequency/Band28.

In the meantime i will just have to settle for their Mifi router which i can’t wait to get it home this evening and test its speed against Safaricom FTTH. I will post the results here


Have you had it set up? Their process for purchasing bundles isn’t smooth.


Yes they set it up for me, i’m currently using it in the office and the speed is amazing. I’m on Harambee Avenue


Haha, It’s funny.


Having reached the house i decided to do two tests each between ‘JTL Faiba 4G’ and ‘Safaricom FTTH’. Please note I’m currently subscribed to the 10Mbps Safaricom FTTH Silver Package going for 3,500/- a month. The two tests were categorized as follows;

1. Indoor Test

  • Two ‘Safaricom FTTH’ tests each 10 minutes apart
  • Two ‘JTL Faiba 4G’ tests each 10 minutes apart

2. Outdoor Test

  • Two ‘JTL Faiba 4G’ Test each 10 minutes apart
  • Not possible/logical to perform this test on Safaricom FTTH as its Router is fibre wired/tethered inside the house.

Rongai ~ Maasai Lodge area

SpeedTest App
Speedtest by Ookla ~ Max Speed 50Mbps

1. Indoor Test
Safaricom FTTH Test_1

Safaricom FTTH Test_2 (performed 10 minutes after the first test)

JTL Faiba 4G Test_1

JTL Faiba 4G Test_2 (performed 10 minutes after the first test)

2. Outdoor Test
JTL Faiba 4G Test_1

JTL Faiba 4G Test_2 (performed 10 minutes after the first test)

And there you have it, you be the judge. I will however monitor ‘JTL Faiba 4G’ performance this month of December and if those speeds hold, My Safaricom 3,500/- expense per month will be replaced by JTLs 1,000/- or 2000/- per month thus saving me that extra 2,500/- or 1,500/- per month.

You can request your Faiba SIM line digits to resemble your existing Safaricom/Airtel Line Digits, whichever strikes your fancy.


I am guessing you do not need unlimited internet? I have a 5Mbps connection from a different provider and my monthly usage is 500GB minimum. I have exceeded 1TB a few times this year.


Really? Did you try it for yourself?
What kind of “bonoko” network did ZTE build? Anyway,just kidding.


Heh 500GB,do you leave stuff streaming 247? I got 25 on the Faiba mifi 2 days ago, considering that I have been using it heavily I have only done 2GB, do you share your connection with family?


500GB is on my PC only. If I factor in the entire family, 800GB+ is not very far off.

No 24/7 streaming. Just some Youtube, a few gigs of downloads and normal browsing.


Before you are given the line they first ask you for your mobile device and test it with a Faiba test SIM to ensure the phone is compatible. The attendant testing my phone was puzzled as to why my phone, which was listed as compatible, wasn’t picking the network. It took the intervention of two technicians to fumble with it, manually input settings, restart it but nothing happened, they just said that Xperia has to send firmware updates to the phone for it to accept the frequency