Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


There is this procedure to enable VoLTE:

  • Open dial and Type ##4636##(The asterisk is missing)
  • Choose Phone information option from test Screen.
  • Enable VoLTE Support Provisioned Flag.
  • Restart your device.

I’ve tried it on the CAMON CX but it keeps turning itself off. Maybe we need some extra settings. Let’s wait.


How is the network coverage?


I’ve made my first HD voice call, Faiba to Faiba, and I must say the sound quality is top notch. For those who love the girls to hear their deep bass as they flirt, this will be their moment.




I’m getting the Dual SIM Nokia instead of the modem. This is until Samsung enables VoLTE for EA.

So buy their simcard from FoneXpress and the Nokia 2 listed in their site from?

Also, how is the network coverage? Wako Ruai yet @martingicheru If I could try the modem from you for a day it would help me decide.


The JTL boss mentioned of Greater Nairobi covering Limuru, Kiambu, Machakos, Kitengela, so I believe Ruai iko.


I need that router to test. 1 day peke yake. If it’s stable and the speeds are good, #NikoNdani


Pffff… PR to hijack the news cycle is meeeh. Plus why would you cheer for ‘free’ airtime and fare which has probably been taken from other people in form of airtime/MPESA?


You will need to work with @aydensaruni on that, he’s the one using it. Using it a day should be easy. I bought a Faiba 4G MiFi with 25GB and ten minutes after reaching the office it was sold.


They have 110 ZTE sites, and the range for 700Mhz is quite good. We have had the MiFi used in Kilimani, Kinoo, Ngong, Syokimau and Kasarani with good success. But the best thing to confirm is a test.

I’ll say this however, the recharge and data bundle purchase process isn’t smooth. They will need to work on this, but for what one is getting you can overlook that bit of the process.


Looks like customer care reps weren’t fully briefed on the 700mhz issue


watu mko na faiba sim card… naitaji hizi details, website yao ni gani??? siipati… coverage iko aje??? sim cards mtu anabuy wapi??? niko na A7 and am ready to divorce saf… from kinoo


A710M ndiyo iko na Band 28. Not sure if it will work on others. I have A710FD. Luckily, I have a Note 5 with band 28. I will try get the sim at the weekend and see.


It’s live here https://faiba4g.co.ke/


Lol looks like you’ll need a safcom line to buy bundles :smile:


Hehe, yep. Its very hard to completely get rid of Safaricom.


The list of compatible smartphones is much larger. I will keep adding phones as I confirm their compatibility:


I’ll be sharing updates on my usage of Faiba 4G here.

So some of you may know this by now, but you can’t have a Faiba 4G SIM Card as a secondary SIM card if you want to keep voice calling on it. It has to be primary SIM card because of VoLTE on SIM one.
Also, it will only work if it’s the one set as mobile data SIM. I’ve tried changing to SIM 2 for data and that makes the Faiba 4G SIM inactive.


Plus people should also realise that not all phones support both data and calling. Some support both despite having the 700mhz band while others only support data


this band 700 is what will keep most people out for now kumbe tecno cx has it