Faiba 4G Extreme is Here!


The 700mhz band covers a much wider area than the others without the need for many cell towers. So its really attractive since its cheaper to deploy than 2500mhz. Plus it just widens the pipe for Safaricom with its massive number of customers


As they say in Radio Jambo kumekucha


Me too, tired of their stuff


I think JTL should go out of their way to inform people that most devices dont support the 700mhz band. Seeing how much people are excited, if they dont manage expectations, I predict backlash in the coming weeks


Modem kwanza


Huyo mdosi wao alisema. May be they make it public on social media juu watu nikama hawakuskia hiyo part.


For Telkom is there an excuse? They haven’t paid.


How does one obtain JTL airtime. Pesapal?


There is Pesapal and card top up, I bet bill apps like Mula will be on it like white on rice soon, but I’ll confirm later whether there is offline topup.




Do you have speetest history? Would be interesting to see the difference in speed over time as more people sign up for the service


On-net calls(Voice & Video) Ksh. 2 per minute. Someone explain how the video part will be done. Is it through their own app? GSMA has been talking about RCS for a while now. JTL could be the first(in Kenya) to implement it.


While stocks last. tihihi :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Samuel, JTL told me that there is an app that you can use to make calls as long as you’re on Wi-Fi.

I didn’t want to talk about it before I took it for a spin, but since you’re my people you get dibs.


Here is the full list of devices compatible with Faiba 4G as of now in Kenya, split between those that will get voice and data, and data only phones.


Wow, that list is…disappointing. Android has had native VoLTE support since v5.1.1. How come a flagship from Samsung running the latest software doesn’t support it?


Okay. The app is meant for voice and text. I was asking about video. First review it then get back to us.


Interesting, no iPhone support? Hasn’t the iPhone supported VoLTE and the 700Mhz band since the iPhone 6 if I’m not wrong? Or are they waiting for certification from Apple?


So apart from the techweez team, who else here has gotten on to the network today? I asked my workmates and friends and most are unaware of the new network, some want to know where to buy the sim, some are disappointed about having to buy a new device, some want to make sure they are actually covered at home, I am among this, I would hate to buy a mini and have no coverage in the mansion


There is extra work needed between OEMs and carrier to support VoLTE. Others are working on it. It’s a matter of licensing and adding software. As we speak Motorola has two devices that are almost ready.

HMD Global just happened to be the first to work on it and enable support for JTL VoLTE. Don’t give up, the rest will support it in time.