Facebook redesign in 2019


What’s your thought on the fifth major version of facebook FB5?
Here are some of the forthcoming changes:

  • The app will be white now.

  • Website to be re-written from scratch and a dark mode in that case.

  • Payment via whatsapp (Saf should have adopted this)

  • End-to-end encryption in messenger (am surprised it was not there)

  • e-commerce in Instagram (I think this will be a big one)

  • Whatsapp business catalogue (a great addition for business)

Will FB5 make you love facebook more or comeback to facebook if you had left already?

more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQAZF50P_-w&feature=youtu.be


I am only on Facebook because I need it. I nolonger check my page, and only access it on web. There is so much that has happened that I wish I could wipe it out of my life, unfortunately I can’t. So no new improvements will make me interested in it.


I hear so many guys wishing they didn’t get into it in the first place. I have a few friends who have deactivated their accounts. Never really understand why. Mine is still running though I must confess i have been significantly less active.
The improvements I guess will make me sink deeper…


I deleted my Facebook account two years ago. Haven’t looked back ever since…


Haha another one. So the changes may mean nothing to you after all


My facebook is less and less active than it used to be…Even my Instagram use is very little,maybe whatsapp is the one i use most.I have even gone months without posting or logging on to facebook


I have been out for almost 8 years now.

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Whaart…! You are a Fossil

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I’m still on Facebook because of memes. But seriously, I use it as a business tool. It helps.


Nowadays I have found myself use Facebook moderately.
What am excited most about though is the catalog thing on WhatsApp Business. I can’t wait and see if it can substitute some very small e-commerces.