Extravagant Millennials


Eish then mimi ndio mtoto hapa by 2000 hata sikuwa nimeanza shule i was still learning to talk properly


I waa turning 4 in 1998


I can’t be the youngest here.

I was turning 3 in 1998. :sweat_smile:


Since 1998 sounds like the benchmark here. Well that year,

  • I watched the whole France 98 FIFA World Cup,
  • I was in class 6
  • I remember the Aug 8 bombing at around midday on Friday. Mom had taken me to hospital around shauri moyo. When the bomb went off we were thrown out of the seats.
  • I was circumcised same year DEC
  • My dad flew to Dubai on a 777 Business class. First time on an aircraft for him. He came back all he could say ni mzungu ako na akili mingi sana. ameunda kitu inatembea juu ya hewa. na nikama kuna potholes huko juu. ndege ikigonga mawingu ina tingika - I think he meant turbulence
  • All the 777 magazines he came back with influenced me into building a plane. Damn. Took me one month to complete.
  • The plane couldn’t fly but guess what? Aeronautical engineering is my cliche.

What a flashback


I can’t remember what I ate last night.




Kumbe am in a forum for elders😂
That benchmark year 1998 i was a growing foetus.



Sounds exactly vile babu yangu used to say :joy::joy:

Niliitaka hii degree but I was convinced otherwise, elec is my major :grin:


My dad na wazungu. Wacha tu. He will diss his fellow Africans forgetting he’s one of us :laughing::laughing::laughing:

But one thing he always followed wazungu ni time. He won’t waste a second of your time and don’t dare waste his. Patience to him did not exist. He operated using microseconds :joy::joy::joy:

Ungeichukua, then major in avionics.


Finally… Now I can talk. Wewe we shall create another forum for you.


Semeni ukweli kwani nyinyi ni under 18 :underage: :joy::joy::joy::joy:


nikiwa pre-unit kuna watu hapa walikua form 4 hehehe


The year I was circumcised!


Mimi ni msee wa ocha but I remember Getting an email at the Cyber Cafe, Thats year 2005 nikiwa primo. Yahoo was the King then. (I still have the email working :joy::joy:).
Anyway hata wewe @Omgitsdes uko kwa hiyo bracket umeweka hapo!


I remember this, I was 5 when this happened. We were playing outside with the other kids on the plot then adults started coming back home earlier than usual, including my dad. I particularly remember the land lady shouting “it was horrible”., alafu izo siku hakukua na breaking news sjui kwa nini, had to wait until lunch time news to find out what was going on from the tv