Extravagant Millennials


You might be right, the population of Affluent Millennials is 1.4M (as stated in the article), though the number sampled is far smaller. & if the author was indeed referring to this report, I can only conclude he misunderstood its content.


:sweat_smile:Hapo nimekataa, the you not being a millennial part, you want to tell me you’re past 33-35?


Lol… Passed? I’m below the millennial bracket. I think I’m the youngest on this forums.


Eish! Watu ni wazee


:rofl: lakini si sana, my bet is kila mtu hii forum ni millennial, labda kuwe na 2 or 3 guys who are either less than 19 or above 35.


I’m one of the three. Ndio maana sina opinion hapa.


One of the three? not two? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

That statement cracked me up.


I can imagine those above 35 how they’re feeling about your statement! @iateallthebrowniez


Lakini age bracket ya millennial is confusing. If I was to go with Wikipedia’s definition, I fall under Millenials and Generation Z.


In Kenya and Africa generally, I would say millennials fall between 1980 to 2000… Reason, Generation Z are people who were born when technology was mainstream (like nowadays kids are able to operate smartphones at age 2). my primary reasoning is that technology gained tract in Kenya around 2005 onwards (was in class 7 then). hence, kids who were born from 2001-2005 (in urban areas) and 2006-onwards (ocha :sweat_smile: ) are the generation Z.


Believe it or not, I opened my first email address when I was in class 8, the year 2000. Cyber Cafe’s were the newest trend in town and that was the only way I could play computer games and boast to everyone on how computer literate I was.

The first time I used internet on phone was in 2004 in my final year of highschool. I remember Telkom was the only supplier for internet services. Every service provider had to tap on Telkom’s network since the government didn’t allow networks to go at it independently.

But to echo on your point. Generation is anyone born after 2000 here in Kenya. Still, I see a couple of fellas born 1995 - 1999 being the most spenders among millenials. I have a friend married now with one child born 1995. Huyo msichana anatumiaga Uber kila siku to and from work! Told her apande mat anunue gari akasema hana pesa.


hahah :joy::joy::joy: wah…

Okay, in my part, nilizaliwa ocha na mi nijua kuoperate comp around 2007 nikiwa form 1. Ocha baby boomers may be better technology wise than generation Z. though when I met guys born in urban areas, they already knew how to play prince of Persia and had Nintedos with them :laughing:… I think hizi generation stages dont apply well in africa.


I’m abandoning this forum. I was in Form 4 in 1998. Let me move to the “Sponsor” and retirees forum.


:joy::joy::joy: you still a millennial


Ok. At this rate, I might as well be the generation that comes after Z.


I was in class 8 in 1998.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: My nigga you made it!

A council of elders should be formed. A quorum has been reached.


:rofl::rofl: wacha tu :joy:


Heh!!! Wacha nitulie, yaani mtu alikuwa na email address before hata niingie primary, man hata sidhani nilikuwa najua kuspell jina yangu 2000 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Nilikua na uncle who was in Kenya Poly and we used to stay pamoja. Akanichocha vile unaeza pata madem wazungu akupeleke majuu. Just create an email and kulikua na some penpal sites za kuacha email and chat na watu.

Instead, spam zile nilikua napata especially from 2005, had to deactivate the email because it was barely unusable. Like 1000+ spam emails a day!!!

Story ya mzungu nikachorea.