External Harddrive Failure




With that said, depending on the number of disks you intend on having. RAID 5 and 10 might not work out.

RAID 5 requires at least 3 hard drives.

RAID 10 requires at least 4 hard drives. You also lose 50% of the storage.

I would recommend doing your research. I have personally seen a lot of people discourage RAID 5 on 4 disks.

If you cannot afford to lose the data and have at least 4 drives, RAID 10 definitely + cloud/offsite BACKUP.


Nobody said RAID is Backup, but the array can be used for Backups.
That said, looks like I need to Research more on the best setup for Four Disks …
Seems like eventually it boils down to tradeoffs between Available Storage Size and Recovery Capability


I have seen a number of WD hard disks fail, but maybe it’s all due to handling.