Errors on the MySafaricom App


I never enjoyed mpesa transactions with that app. Reason Why I don’t use it


I only use the app to check my bundle and airtime balance.Its not helpful on any other thing.Safaricom should seek to intergrate the features of the M-Ledger app into the MySafaricom app then discontinue the Mledger app.


mySafaricom app has improved quite a lot. Checking and redeeming bonga points is quite easy. I also like the process of confirming cash recipient when sending Mpesa. It’s way better than it is on the USSD process.


Just stick to USSD


That sounds like the only new thing I can prefer it but still I don’t want to have an app that my launcher is going to remind me its unused.


Has the mledger android app been pulled out of the playstore? Can’t find it, if so it’s sad because it really gave people a view of just how much money they handle like my old man was shocked to find out that he transacted almost 10M but can’t tell where all that cash went.


Crazy! Was looking for it today and couldn’t find it too.

UPDATE: It’s back.


Also found it on the safaricom app store


Don’t you people love your money? The fees paid to Safaricom for transactions worth 10M must be insane. (Unless you meant 10k)


Yeah,he spent 10 m on mpesa, airtime bought for others was at 270k, his was 130k, pay bill about 4m, I think he should find a better way of paying his employees (casuals) and the suppliers.
My betting uncle installed the app and found out his betting habits cost him 60k while earning him just 14k.
The app is available on the safaricom app store.


Hahaha. 60k? That’s a lot. Betting will be the end of some people.


LOL! Took mledger to alert him that he was losing money from betting. :grin::grin: