Enter Safaricom Platinum



Just realized you can buy Platinum (once) via M-Pesa, Airtime or Bonga Points. Like @Mark_Mwangi said, Platinum Plus is a prepaid plan. Even it’s payment method is only set to M-Pesa.


It seems Airtel have a better Post Paid offer but they don’t talk about it. For 2,999/- you get 30GB 7500mins 3000 sms per month. The Airtel guys on Twitter just say walk into a shop with an I’d to sign up.


Off-net and on-net?


not much in terms of details from them. they seem not to be sure let me try and press for a response

  • 30GB
  • 6000 Minutes (Airtel to Airtel)
  • 1500 Minutes (All networks)
  • 3000 SMS
  • Ksh 2,999

Their website has different information though:

  • 6GB
  • 1500 Minutes (Airtel to Airtel)
  • 1500 Minutes (All networks)
  • 4500 SMS
  • Ksh 2,999



Why not just say unlimited sms?


:joy::joy: nobody will ever finish that anyway!


I wonder why Airtel complains about Safaricom Dominance anyway. Such a product is launched and customer reps hawajui.