Enter Safaricom Platinum



These are the options for me.


Nope, i don’t have it.


There’s a way u can switch from the Blaze safaricom app to the old safaricom app i did switch and it works


Finally they are doing some profiling. They figured @martingicheru can afford 5k - 3k definitely not 1k and so they dont even bother to suggest it.




Big data…


Seems @martingicheru is a big wig he consumes like no ones business na amekubali kucorniwa pia :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Pia mimi sina platinum kadogo :sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat:


Me my question right now is what the difference between Platinum and Platinum Plus is, seeing the latter gives more for the same price.


Oh, seen it. Platinum Plus gets auto-renewed while Platinum is one off when you want it.


I have noticed the same. Difference moja iko na more GBs and minutes than the other. But I think I get it now. The one without a plus is a one off subscription so you don’t pay deposit. The plus option you enroll so you pay membership fees, I mean deposit. So you get a few more minutes and GBs

Bila plus

Na plus


Update: Platinum Kadogo is gone. You people can’t have nice things because of your noise.


@martingicheru :grinning::grinning:!



Ooooh yes! wacha tukule ngumuu sote


I don’t even use the Blaze App. I have always been on the Standard Safaricom App on Uwezo Tarrif. Still no Platinum UI for me.


We should start a petition. We want Platinum Kadogo back!



Thank GOD I can see it too.


Is there anyone who’s been able to purchase any of the platinum bundles? I’ve tried it a couple times ikakataa kabisa.


Ebu send me 1K I try and tell you…


Platinum + is basically post Paid while the regular Platinum is a bundle you buy with airtime