End of Safaricom Dominance


Yeah, CA invited the public to a seminar on the same. I however, doubt that Safaricom can be split.


splitting safaricom is not a good idea… The best way to solve this issue is letting mpesa shops allow depositing and withdrawal by other telcos… but safaricom takes a cut. likewise, the only other way these Telcos can beat safaricom is listing on the NSE… in my opinion. When people feel they own something, there is always a better chance of loyalty (and if they solve network issues).

If I was a telco owner, My first step would be ensuring clients especially in urban areas do not experience downtime (like faiba has done, though 700 mhz band helps them set up fewer boosters with more coverage- the lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, duh!?). The second step would be making consumers feel like they own the company (am sure each one of you is proud of safaricom, regardless of its high charges, and seeing it go down would be painful :laughing: ).

The problem with these telcos is they focus so much on advertising themselves, only for a person to get low quality services when he or she decides to hama. The first impression is always the most important. when I tested faiba for the first time and found out it had low latency even when playing online games, I knew nimefika. When I tried Telkom for the first time after so much hype, guess what I got, with full bars signal, telkom had downtime every now and then. alafu ma time nikinunua data ina expire ka sijatumia ata nusu cuz network ata cbd lazima ukue place poa… argh…


I agree,being a shareholder of Safaricom i always seek to engage their services whenever i can because i feel connected with them.The other operators have enticing offerings but terrible customer services.


It’s already in testing phase not sure about depositing but withdrawals juu transfers ni from one network to another bila njia ya mkato.

These networks nikama wale walikua wanalala kwa class then question why wenye wamepita mtihani walipata leakage or walitumia mwaKenya. When Safaricom is working hard, they’re busy promoting free SMSs and Calls forgetting such services will soon use them like postal and telegram services.

Even if you chose to opt in their free calls and sms, the network is pathetic. Nakumbuka telling a Telkom CC who had made a follow up call akiniambia sauti yangu inakatika katika ana expect niseme nini yet that is enough information needed to confirm that network is pathetic.

Same case with Airtel. 1999 internet speeds and massive call drops and resending of sent sms kila mara.


This is the kind of disruption that we need.


500bob for unlimited calls + unlimited data at 8mbps, that’s a sure deal