Electric Vehicles in Nairobi, Kenya


:joy::joy::joy: weh, hio loan yote?


Watu wa CRB kama mimi tutafanya nini? Ata Uber pool inatushinda Tesla ndio tutaweza?


Any idea on companies dealing with electric car batteries and replacement in Kenya ?


There are none currently. Majorly because there are few electric vehicles in Kenya now, say 12 at most at we own three of those. More so, the present market road-legal electric vehicles do not allow for battery swaps in between operations. So if you own a Nissan Leaf ev and needed a battery replacement, only Nissan can replace the full battery rack for your car. Similarly, if you get a Tesla and deem it necessary to replace its battery pack, only the manufacturer can do that-either through the warranty terms or payment options.

Replacing the ev battery can be through a warranty from the manufacturer for instance if you buy a Nissan Leaf, --Under the new warranty, Nissan will repair or replace a Leaf’s battery within five years or 60,000 miles if it loses more than 30 percent of its charge capacity. For Leaf owners, that means the warranty kicks in if the 12-bar battery gauge falls under nine bars.


Hi Kennedy,I’m working on a project about the usability of electric cars in Kenya. Do you mind sharing your experiences? Perhaps we can talk more, my email is abuyarobert@gmail.com. Sorry, but i couldnt find anywhere else to contact you.