Electric Vehicles in Nairobi, Kenya


:joy::joy::joy: weh, hio loan yote?


Watu wa CRB kama mimi tutafanya nini? Ata Uber pool inatushinda Tesla ndio tutaweza?


Any idea on companies dealing with electric car batteries and replacement in Kenya ?


There are none currently. Majorly because there are few electric vehicles in Kenya now, say 12 at most at we own three of those. More so, the present market road-legal electric vehicles do not allow for battery swaps in between operations. So if you own a Nissan Leaf ev and needed a battery replacement, only Nissan can replace the full battery rack for your car. Similarly, if you get a Tesla and deem it necessary to replace its battery pack, only the manufacturer can do that-either through the warranty terms or payment options.

Replacing the ev battery can be through a warranty from the manufacturer for instance if you buy a Nissan Leaf, --Under the new warranty, Nissan will repair or replace a Leaf’s battery within five years or 60,000 miles if it loses more than 30 percent of its charge capacity. For Leaf owners, that means the warranty kicks in if the 12-bar battery gauge falls under nine bars.


Hi Kennedy,I’m working on a project about the usability of electric cars in Kenya. Do you mind sharing your experiences? Perhaps we can talk more, my email is abuyarobert@gmail.com. Sorry, but i couldnt find anywhere else to contact you.


Accept my sincere apologies @Robert_Abuya

My email is mobility@knightsandapps.com. I don’t mind sharing experiences and it will be wonderful to hear more about your project.


Electric vehicles are definitely the future. Problem with usage locally will be as @Dree_Alexander has said. The government has no incentive whatsoever to EV users. Also the petroleum products industry in Kenya is had to disrupt through law because every who-and-who in the political scene has a share of it.


This is true @weshpierre3. However, the lack of incentives from the govt is majorly because of the low awareness level regarding the usability of EVs.
Should the awareness levels rise above the current level, EVs would disrupt our transport woes and the govt would offer rebates across the EV industry.
My concern would be with the new oil in Northern Kenya, our petroleum industry is gaining more muscle day by day.



i saw hii video this video of this dude he rebuild and savage nold/damaged teslas.HE is MIT graduate with background in engineering.He did this tesla couldnot offer him a job.but it seem like tesla wantedto create a monopoly of electric vehicles.pia hapa kuna msee alikua anadai kubuy tesla wakamshw hawezi uziwa juu ya hii mashida za spareparts na pia hawana base apa .Bdw kenya govt unaweza educate wasee benefit za electric vehicle we can save alot of money .WE CAN BE LIKE NORWAY (not sure norway or netherlands) selling oil products but not using it


Have you guys seen the Nopia Electric car cabs, they’re launching in Kenya this evening. What are your thoughts?


This is an impressive launch. Their marketing is superb. I think they will have an advantage for further marketing by using solar energy to charge their cars( from the solar installation at Two Rivers)


I am downloading the app and trying them out. I hope not to be disappointed.


Time will tell if it’s a worthy disruption to the cab hailing business in Kenya


everyone is working so hard day and night to kick out Uber locally…who knew disruption can cause so much activtiy in the taxi business.


I think he is telling the truth. Before 200,000 KM most electric cars have zero problems.


With VAT coming to fuel effective September, I foresee the formulation of a law that will make electric car ownership, punitive.


Check out this thread:



Again not the right thread, but interesting that BMW id testing self riding bikes in Kenya
Self riding bike