EazzyPay Slices Deeper into Mpesa's Playground


We all know this never work, or has anyone ever benefited or know a person who has or heard someone who has, even You had one and I think Airtel


These guys are doing a fantastic job! The one understated thing about Equitel is how well they have figured mCommerce. I mean, M-Pesa is a fantastic mobile money transfer service but Lipa na M-Pesa is rubbish. Despite the introduction of check-out, the experience is still clanky and tiring, with you having to figure out pay bills and buying goods.

Equitel, on the other hand, have unified the payment process across service providers (doesn’t matter if you have Lipa na M-Pesa, you can pay from your bank). The accessibility is multilayered from within the App to STK. Beautiful stuff.


You might be right. Just spoke to a customer care agent and they informed me Eazzy Banking app users DO NOT qualify.

There is no way I am using my Equitel line to make any transactions when the app exists. I only top up 5 bob every quarter to keep it active since calling customer support using it is free.

If Eazzy Banking transactions were factored, it would have been free money for me.

For those using Airtel, you can sign up by dialing *336# (If it works)

A monthly usage of Sh. 250, Airtel insurance gives the customer Sh.1,000 hospitalization and Sh.10,000 life and accident insurance while Sh.500 usage will earn customers Sh.2,000 hospitalization and Sh.25,000 life and accident insurance. A Sh.1,000 usage will attract Sh.5, 000 hospitalizations and Sh.100, 000 life and accident insurance. Finally, a Sh.2,500 usage or above will attract Sh.10,000 hospitalization and Sh.250, 000 life and accident insurance.


Good luck claiming that cover, by the way Equitel now charge 15bob to check your loan limit… charge all over.


You can activate and forget about it. If you are ever in hospitalized and need some cash, you might be surprised.

There is no expense on your side. Seems like a no-brainer.