EazzyPay Slices Deeper into Mpesa's Playground


Yes this will work.


I think pesa link is one alternative to Mpesa that we need to keep an eye on. If it works banks will have the muscle to knock safaricom off their dominant position with Mpesa. I think it has seriously distabilized the banking sector and it’s about time they fought back.


Guys the other day I saw something trending on Twitter mVISA

So VISA has launched a mobile money transfer and payment solution globally. Leading banks like KCB are part of it in Kenya. I did not see my Equity Bank on the list. The service is free, uses an APP (smartphones), USSD (for mulika mwizi), and QR codes for quick scanning and processing of payments. FREE of CHARGE

@martingicheru please do some research about it utuchanue.


You realize Equity bank has a debit card for use in such scenarios, no need for Paybill at the supermatket, just debit card, which is free to use.


I was at the brief before the launch, so I have a bit on it, including the press release from the launch. I can give my views here on what the product looks like, but I prefer starting it as a separate thread with all the details about the product including my views. I can take questions here and respond here, but in the new thread I will detail everything, including anything I discuss here. Now that’s cleared up.

Equity Bank is not on the list but they say it’s on the way. At re-launch only six banks are ready to go, they had already trialed with Family Bank in Q1, now added 5. Their biggest challenge is signing up merchants, they list a few big names like Nakumatt, Imax, Zuchinni and Kenya Airways. They also offer free peer to peer money transfers for a certain period. The other challenge is that they need people to be using banking apps or their mobile money product, and harmonizing the experience, since as much as they can ensure the service works the same way on all the apps, banks have been serving their customers different on these apps.

And now there is mVisa, Pesalink, Mpesa, Equitel and cash. We don’t know yet what Telkom Kenya’s mobile money product is going to look like.


That will do. Will comment from the new post. Waiting for now. You can make a new post then the rest of us will comment. At least you know much about it already


I can never want to be an Equity bank customer. That’s why I am still hesitant on Equitel.


An Equity debit card payment fails too many times when I shop at a supermarket. I don’t even understand how such a service goes down.


Has never happened to me. I find the card to be more convenient than mpesa paybill.


I have a debit card too and it works okay. Never had an issue at all. Though I have the EazzyApp as a back up.


It must be my local Tuskys supermarket that has that issue. I have been unable to pay with my Equity debit card at least twice in the past month. I guess the app is my next best option. My debit card expired recently so maybe the next one will work without issues.


It seems you have not lifted your card limits. You can only transact 5k per day on any new card. ATM withdrawals are not affected.


The swiping thingy at the counter gives an error even when the bill is less than 1k so I don’t think it’s a limit issue.

I didn’t know that - - I’ll make sure I raise the limit as soon as I get a new card. I have been unable to get a new ATM card for weeks now because the Equity guys keep telling me that they are not issuing any cards. It’s really pissing me off because I’m forced to use alternative means to pay for stuff and withdraw cash.


This EazzyPay Mobile Banking so far has been a mixed bag,even after a few deposits my Eazzy Loan limit is still at Ksh Zero and i cant even borrow


They review loan limits every six months. For now kua mpole kiasi. In fact, if your account is very active they will raise your loan limit. Mine started at 500bob at 4 months, 1000 bob at 6 months and before I knew it, it was at 30,000 in less than a year.


Now that is new info to me,so i gotta wait a while before i can get a loan limit assigned to me.Oh well,siko worried…besides my loan limits on other lending platforms are in great shape.I just need to make sure my Equity account is more active going forward.


The Equitel App has finally been updated - it is laggy though.

  • You can now buy Telkom airtime through the app.

  • Pesalink has been added. You can register/deregister through the app.


Thanks let me check it out.


:upside_down_face::upside_down_face: Oh god finally I can buy Telkom airtime, and I don’t really need the equitel line, I also noticed they want to give me a 15k loan with 1037 interest,they are very cheap


They have removed “My Goals” which is pretty handy for forced saving.