DSTV Now vs Startimes...The Battle for OTT intensifies in Africa


Facebook also targets the EPL. They now have rights to broadcast all EPL matches in select Asian countries from 2019.

I hope they’ll do something or Netflix or Kwese when DStv’s rights come to an end.


Read an article today on how people in the US are spoilt for choice when it comes to streaming services - Streaming Sticker Shock

Some quick math and this adds up to $96 per month for MAJORITY of all the shows Kenyans watch

Compare that to DSTV’s $80 a month and one begins to wonder.

Granted these prices are for the entire united states - basically a ‘whole continent’ half the population of Africa and whose infrastructure allows for more affordable pricing, but still.

What do you think companies like Showmax, iFlix, and other local OTT services can do - partnerships, influencing policy, attracting foreign investment etc - to compete at such a price-to-content level?

I’d push for something like Google Fibre availability. They’re a big enough company that can afford to invest in fiber networks around key markets without immediately worrying about ROI. It’s more like an investment for their next 25 years in Africa.


Safaricom can provide gigabit speeds on their existing home fibre infrastructure with just a few adjustments in their control centre,they already laid the fibre with enough capacity and all they need to do is provide a new tier package and price it accordingly…i would love to say they are future proofed but all i know is they can quickly upscale all bandwidth packages without changing prices…Local OTT services should seek to improve their MPESA integration and seek to partner with Safaricom fibre/Box to ensure their platforms get as much visibility as they can…first start with a target of 50,000 monthly subscribers then scale up…


Include the cost of data. You’ll need at least 5K for a good unlimited connection.


You are comparing oranges to apples. DSTV is a satellite live tv provider which you are comparing to on-demand streaming providers.

If you compare DSTV average price with cable tv and satellite tv average prices in the US you will find that the pricing compares quite favourably.

For ‘local’ streaming providers compare the likes of showmax and iflix with American providers for an oranges to oranges comparison.

There is also another category of online pay tv with the key differentiator being that it is streaming live tv, not on-demand streaming. Most people refer to it as IPTV. While it is making steps in the right direction with DSTV Now, currently you can’t get it as a package on its own. This will likely change in future and it will join the leagues of Youtube TV, Sling, DirecTV Now etc.

They need to invest a lot in producing their own content. All those American providers have invested significantly in their in-house catalogue which in turn reduces costs related to how many shows they need to licence.

Partnering with internet service providers to provide package deals of internet + OTT package will also increase adoption. Plus having local peering arrangements will be beneficial for both since the streamers will enjoy faster and better quality streams while ISP’s reduce international data costs.


It would seem the NFL also agree with this, and is why tech focused platforms haven’t been able to fully replace traditional broadcast

“Our entire model is based on reaching as many people for as long as we can,” Rolapp said, speaking during a media event hosted by the NFL in New York on Thursday. “Traditionally, the best way to do that has been broadcast TV.”

Rolapp acknowledged that the number of people regularly spending time on Amazon, Facebook and YouTube is “staggering,” which will complicate how the league approaches its distribution strategy. It’s also important that these platforms can manage a high-quality stream for the number of live viewers that NFL games still get on TV, Rolapp said.

“We can get 25 million people; I have not seen a live event on the internet that can serve 25 million concurrent users at a high quality,” said Rolapp. “It’s one of these things that will need to be resolved, because money is not the issue for these guys.”


Some sports like boxing have embraced streaming.


And you are seeing Youtubers boxing and streaming their matches to millions of viewers who are even paying to watch such content.