Do you have a launcher on your phone?


I was a fan of Nova Launcher back when HTC was my cup of tea but I have tried to get back to it and I can’t help but stick to the stock Samsung laucher. What launchers are you guys using?


I was using Microsoft Launcher when I switched from using Windows Mobile to Android. However, as much as it is feature packed and it actually helps in being productive when frequently working on your PC, I found it to be draining my battery a lot. Right now am using Evie Launcher with Mercury Icon pack. It’s minimalistic, lightweight and just works well with no ads and requests to upgrade
I’ll add screenshots in the morning since my phone is off and is charging now


I’m currently using Nova launcher, premium version since I don’t have stock android on my phone. But if I had a pure android like in a Nokia, pixel or nexus I wouldn’t need a third party launcher. I like Nova though, it’s smooth and very customizable to fit your needs.


nova launcher prime is a must


Of course i use nova launcher it has never disappointed me


So this is Evie Launcher
Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-01-35-30 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-01-50-11 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-02-00-94 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-02-10-47 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-02-44-07 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-03-05-95 Screenshot_2018-07-07-10-09-22-28
Phone is Oppo A37fw


This looks great. How is it on the battery?


On which phone?


Definitely Nova Prime always and forever. Occasionally I stray towards good stock launchers like Samsung experience and ZenUI but always go back to Nova because I know what’s truly important in a launcher. That’s simplicity, elegance, and boundless customization.


Really good, just the same as the Color OS launcher that comes with the phone


Looks great but I don’t like its font. NAH!


Yes I have a launcher, Dodol Launcher.
I have tried hundreds of them (Pro versions) but there’s nothing good like a launcher that doesn’t change app display logos :grinning:


I thought you said it was minimalistic? The first screenshot is the opposite of that.


Why though?


Nova Prime + Sesame shortcuts. It’s a match made in launcher heaven.


Hehe try it ul see what i mean


I had arranged icons and the likes in a functional way on the stock launcher it seemed fine so while I was used to Nova I found it too tasking to restart all over again.


You can save your layout in nova and just restore it on a new or temporary device. I’ve just restored mine for years and only updated it for oreo due to the extra space on the bottom dock.


I do like a stock android like launcher but I cant stand third party launchers, no matter how good they are. I always feel that there is something behind the facade, what am looking at is just a lie :joy:, I end up telling myself “embrace what you chose.” :rofl:

I have tried many of them; Nova, Lawnchair, Microsoft launcher (the real one by microsoft), etc, but…Naah :expressionless:


I’m pretty sure a person’s homescreen looks exactly like their living room. It applies to the desktop on computers so it surely must apply for phones as well. Judging by the screenshots I see here, @iamtembo your living room needs some work :joy::joy::joy: