Do I need to get a Macbook?



Was 2,400 $ at Lenovo dubai shop, for my line of work it’s totally worth it, my renders take just afew minutes now, while I can work on other projects as I render another, this was impossible with my previous Hp which would overheat and the fan would run like crazy.
Quick to PC experts why does the performance on some laptops drop when not connected to power as in running on battery?


Processors on laptops have been programmed and configured to maximize on battery when on it by throttling themselves so as to save on power consumption and extend battery life.


To add onto what @Dree_Alexander has said, you can change the settings for the processor.

  1. Right click on the battery icon then select Power Options.

  2. Click on ‘Change plan settings’ on the current power plan.

  3. Click on ‘Change advanced power settings’.

  4. Expand the ‘Processor Power Management’ option on the window that appears.


Feel free to change the Maximum processor state to 100% for both ‘On Battery’ & ‘Plugged in’.

NOTE: Your battery life will be greatly reduced though.

As for the GPU, there is no alternative. Running a high end GPU at max while on battery can damage your battery or requires more power than the battery can provide.

GPU will often throttle when you are not plugged in.


Man, thanks it was embarrassing for me to have my costly machine lag when making a presentation to a client,


Configure your laptop to run without any windows update. Remove any .net framework and you will have an easy good time irrespective of your RAM. Also, invest in an ssd, should be about Ksh 6,000 for a 128GB which is enough to run the programs and the OS.
The dynamic processes and the scripts that .Net framework introduces eventually kills laptops, plus the updates are just not worth it on a daily basis. You can have them for specific software needs. For instance, Grammarly insists on .Net so I dual boot two windows, one for the stupid software needs, and the other for pure creativity.


Running without updates is highly discouraged unless you mostly work off line in which case its fine. If your PC is constantly connected though hapo nikujichenga


I am not sure which version of Windows you are using but the updates are not daily on W10.

The only ‘almost daily’ updates are for Windows Defender if you use it.

I would also not recommend anyone to skip updates. The benefits far outweigh the cons.

Especially since the whole Intel thing happened.


If you are on a budget you can try ex uk laptops. Mine is a EliteBook 2570p core i5 6GB ram. A little fast at only 20k.seems with 40k you can get maybe an i7 with SSD and 16GB ram. But being cautious because second hand is not always the best.


This is such a bad idea for both security and performance reasons.



The familiar situation in every corporate office, staff members leaving computers on and finding them on the next morning because of the updates issue. Most offices are still on Windows 7.


I have done that for years now. I never have updates on. Laptop runs as smooth as I got it in the first place. Nothing much about updates really unless its a corporate network that is using enterprise systems. A personal computer really does not need all those updates. You just want your indesign and probably SPSS software to launch fast, do the work, and satisfy client needs.


Something about .NET framework causing slowdown also identified in this article

I said dual boot because of the mentioned problem.

You want a workhorse that does not fail. Therefore, consider having two versions of windows on the same laptop. The first one can be the slow one with all the bells and whistles as everyone advises. The other one will be the bare bones one that just works out of the box, as I advice. Then when you are in a presentation, you launch the bare bones, do your power point and the job is over.


These are windows 7 issues you are pointing out. As far as am concerned windows 10 has been streamlined, people like us who use windows defender need update whenever they are available (najua wee una assume defender is still as bad as it used to be in windows 7). .NET framework ata tusiongelee… Windows slowing down nowadays is an issue of adding more apps and data but RAM is a mere 4gb. I would also recommend adding more RAM and switching to SSD.


How does this really apply in this thread?

Wow! This is really terrible advice. We have still not seen the Intel CPU bugs exploited on a large scale but I am sure the malware is on its way.

The meltdown bug can be used to retrieve passwords, crypto keys, personal info etc. The only fixes are at the OS level.

I will let you guess how Windows can keep up with these new security flaws.

Question: My computer is slow. Any suggestions to speed it up?
Answer: You should try dual booting.

I know nothing about the NET framework. I have had several versions installed on all my laptops and I have not noticed any adverse effects. This is purely anecdotal evidence just like your claim that NET framework slows down a windows computer.

And since we are linking to stuff, here are my submissions


I agree with Trey,.NET frameworks don’t really slow down a laptop as claimed.Besides some programs really need the framework to run.


Security patches? Bug fixes? Performance updates? New features?

Your solution is complex and illogical.


I am sorry for not understanding your querry. Plus, I know all the risks out there regarding unprotected computers.

Updates are supposed to protect your laptop. I was just referring to a specific case where you have a slow laptop not because it has mediocre specs, but because it just started getting slower and it runs windows. I suggest you format the PC, then install two operating systems. It can be windows 10, and windows 7, or two window 7s.

The idea here is to have a machine that will not fail you when you need to do your work. For instance, when you want to make a PowerPoint presentation, you shut down the machine and reboot to your OS number 1, which has the lack of updates and no .NET framework software. Your office software in this case will run fine and you will present your PowerPoint.

I am assuming when you are using this unsecure OS, you are not connecting to the net. If you are, then you should also combine it with Malwarebytes premium edition as it has an unmatched capability of filtering rouge sites, ransomware, malware etc.

When you are done with the time-sensitive work, you can shut down and reboot, then select OS 2, which will have everything installed and will be probably very secure and slow.

I have appeared as a damn fool in this thread with my unconventional advice. I hope this essay clears my thoughts.

Check out this analogy, banks have a service for regular customers that is reliable but can be slow, then they have an express service for premium customers with is expensive than the normal one.
In the advise I give, one OS installed on the computer is fast and risky, while the other one is secure but slow.

You will have all these in the second OS [the slow one]

Like I mentioned earlier, I too use some programs that need .NET like Grammarly software, and I notice some slowness on my device with MS Office in particular behaving creepily on some occasions. As soon as I am done, I uninstall the .NET framework to keep the laptop breezing fast again.

The advice included in this page is incredible. Try following the other advise and ignore mine since it is illogical. I am thankful for Techweez Forums for the opportunity to share.


To borrow your banking analogy, what you are doing is saving money under the mattress for its perceived “speed and convenience” while maintaining a regular bank account for the same purpose. It’s a complicated setup with increased risk and minimal benefits.

Using this flawed logic you might as well recommend XP or something equally obsolete.


I have noticed most Kenyans I know either have a Lenovo or Asus laptop, I wonder if Hp is losing out the few I know using a Hp are either older or students.


Buy a new Hp laptop at your own peril. New Hp laptops last only 18 months. I am talking about the laptops below the 50k mark (the elitebook and probooks and ultrabooks are excellent.). In our organisation we have 20 of those and barely a month goes by without a 3000 repair on one of them. Lenovo is also equally as bad but they are dirt cheap