Do all LTE devices support 4G+?


ilianza kushika even before Safaricom made it public. First was Westlands, then picked it up later in the CBD, and nowadays I do experience 4G+ at home in Timbuktu


leo nimetafuta LTE-A signal with Samsung A720 and another device capable of 4g+. Haishiki kabisa ata place hio ingine inashika. Then I found this info kwa wikipedia (I dont know who updates the list of devices with 4g+ but its always up to date), all 2016 A series and A3/5 2017 have the support. But, A7 2017 is not one of them… I cant stop wondering why tf a superior device in A series lacks 4g+ :angry::angry::angry: … Seems gsmarena assumed A720 has the support.


GSMArena at the bottom of every features there’s this
"We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct."


That’s really odd.


I have this custom ROM that doesn’t really indicate the difference between 4G and 4G+ but this one does support. And the speeds are really impressive.