Deep Web or Dark Web


Can someone please describe to me what the dark web is what their experience is by using it. Have you used Tor browser? Is it recommended for someone to go that route out of curiosity? Do i need a VPN to use it.


Deep web simply refers to that content that is not indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and all search engines that exist on the normal web you access through normal browsers like Firefox etc. In essence, you cannot “Google” or “bing” content because it is hidden from these services.
Although it may sound like this place on the web where all nefarious activities take place, it isn’t all that.

Then there is the Dark Web! A misnomer for the Deep Web. Dark web refers to the part of the internet that is not indexed per see, but it really is, only not on normal search engines. The traffic to the dark web is usually encrypted through Tor (The Onion Router) and the entire “internet” exists in that environment. Most websites end with a .onion rather than the common .com, etc and can’t be by any chance be accessed through the surface web.

Getting started with the dark web is easy. With tor, you got all you need. So how do you get around one may ask. Interestingly, you need the surface web to search the link to Torch (the search engine in the dark web); it keeps changing.
The rest is just a slow browsing speed because your request will pass through tens of terminals with each applying a layer of encryption.
Inside the dark web, the most common items you will get are stores that sell items like flagship devices at half or lower the market price, stolen credit cards and you can also download items that are illegal (like the schematics of the 3D printable gun) as well as read classified information.
There is also selling of drugs and sniper services and other illegal activities (I have never come across these ones but I do know they are there).
The currency? you guessed it, it’s Bitcoin! The tricky part is checking out items you purchased (this is where most people get caught). The email services, again are not the Gmails and Yahoos. They are different and an entire server may disappear like dust.

Try it for fun and understanding.