Data Manager for Airtel , Telkom and Faiba


I find it really annoying that Safaricom is the only one with the Data Manager feature.(The one that stops your credo from being used)

Plus it’s trivial to implement such a feature.
Ama how much do kina Airtel and such make from people’s credo? :joy::joy:

Someone start a petition or smthng :sweat_smile:, given how late the “You data balance is depleted” message arrives.


Your Ex allowed you to manage your money wisely and save. Now your two wives don’t, they finish everything mpaka savings. But Kwa ex sirudi, tunavumilia.




mm hujiuliza hii data manager ni pesaa gapi wakenya wanaweza changa tuinunue a victim of 1000kes…


IKR :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: