Community Yard Sale? Anyone? Food for thought for Techweez Team...Whats your take?



Lately i have noticed that some of us use OLX to shop for unique or hard to find/get tech which we may desire to add to our collection and i thought to myself,The techweez forum has a whole community of techies who may or may not have that piece of tech sitting somewhere in their own collection and not in use with no intention for short term or long term use.The techweez team could start with an informal community yard sale event on a weekend or something where forum members can meetup to buy,sell,view,test and try out tech that we may have in our collection but not actively using…Just thought i shud share this and get input from the forum? Kindly chip in…All ideas are welcome…


Would a yard sale really work? Maybe the first step is to find out if people here have and are willing to sell some of their gadgets that they have.