China and Technology in Africa


Did you even bother to read before you posted? The article clearly states that a private company is in control of operations on the SGR.


yeah i read it .it is private company with affliction to chinesse military ama that what i understood from article and somehow it make sense that china is protecting is interests but who is better to do it than miltary


Then clearly your reading comprehension is as bad as your grammar. China Communications Construction Group is a private company with shares listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

I’ll even go a step further and point out that there is no mention of the Chinese military in that entire article.


:joy::joy:kumbe kizungu yangu iko chini ivi hahaha nimejichukia


Blu and infinix were sending data to the same companies


I am not shocked by the fact that we are being spied upon. Privacy is dead. Its the reason I use my name as my handle in all social networks so it can act as a reminder not to say anything stupid. China and USA are actively spying on everyone on this earth including governments. I am still not quite sure what is going on in Russia.


There is a conspiracy that there was a time the whole of U.S internet traffic passed through China for around 15 minutes. China refuted the claims but the U.S. claims that it has evidence to prove that.

So we no longer have privacy online. Facebook is the worst spy.


If you don’t want to see it on the news or sent to your loved ones don’t post or send it online. Applies to everything.


We are all being spied on…deal with it,the main thing right now is how do you secure your devices and keep control of the information you disseminate to all these services.


I found the My Activity platform where Google stores its information and it is chilling how much they have on one person. A list of things searched, apps opened, sites visited, number of times that has been done and specific timelines. It is creepy.


Wait till you see what they have on location. They can tell if you are walking, cycling, driving, in a bus etc. And this is all the time whether data is on or not or GPS or location services. So long as your phone is on they know where you at.