Caroline Mutoko wants a New Phone!


I feel like the Xperia XA Ultra has one of the best selfie cameras in the market.

The secondary camera is full featured just like the main camera.


An infinity screen isn’t something one copies in an afternoon. It takes months of research. Plus look at how they’re trying to embed the fingerprint in glass. Neither Samsung & Apple haven’t cracked it yet - might even delay till 2018.

Samsung started as a copy cat but have moved beyond that.


Great stuff. You really know your gizmos.


Reports indicate that Vivo already has a working device with an embedded fingerprint reader and they will launch it soon.

Samsung’s embedded reader worked but the inaccuracy level was too high and Apple suffers from the same.


In that case, even Vivo’s might be inaccurate since they probably have less developers than Apple and Samsung. They might release the product venye Samsung did in the days of the S4 with half baked features. Though you may never know, they might just impress us.


I don’t agree with you. We have seen smaller companies than Apple and Samsung out technologies that have technologies the big boys are yet to have (or at least perfect), case in point, Essential.

Then again Vivo is owned by BBK, the same company behind OPPO and OnePlus, so they might be small on the outside but big on the inside.

We have a few days unil the device is annouced, June 28. Let’s wait and see what they have for us.


If they have access to the devs of OPPO and OnePlus, then I guess they might nail it. :+1: