Caroline Mutoko wants a New Phone!


Check this link :wink:


Why would Carol get an OPPO phone? Yep,its an ad,we can tell


Exactly my thoughts as I read the OP. How can Mutoko buy a friggin 0PP0 when she can afford to buy box-loads of !Phone 7’s, walk on a carpet made of Samsung S7’s, and wallpaper her house with Google Pixels? Maybe @bhattkishan9 is in on it.


I beg to differ with the most beautiful phone. Have you seen the Xiaomi Mi Mix? It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Sammy surely copied it because the Mix was released October last year and they’re about to release Mix 2.


If you keep your ear on the ground it won’t matter. You’ll see the marketing for what it is and move on to find a better product (of which there are so many.) I knew 1+ when they launched the 1+ One and called it a flagship killer (which it was) because it had the same specs as the flagships of those days. Only difference is that they priced it at $350 when the flagships were above $500. Their price is still modest at about $450 but it’s hard to reconcile the $100 increase.


Not to worry. They’re almost launching 4G. There is a real sense of urgency now that Telkom have beaten them to the punch. Now I’m see Airtel 4G network everywhere. It’s just a matter of days before they launch it officially. Airtel began testing their 4G end of last year. I’m surprised they still haven’t gone live.


What do you mean? :confused:


I agree Sammy might have copied it but I like the symmetry of the S8.

I doubt Xiaomi has made much use of the edge to edge display.

However, I hope both of us agree that the Xiaomi Mi 6 also looks great! :fire:


OPPO is selling a camera phone. For the kind of things I do with a camera phone, I’d rather buy a Galaxy Note 4 than OPPO F3 for that purpose.

That said, regarding Xiaomi versus Galaxy S8, I will top up that money any day and get the S8+ for the best camera phone.


It’s rather obvious that the vid is an ad. How you didn’t pick that up I don’t understand - no pun intended, though.


Yup - it looks great. Borderless seems to be the current craze. I’d like to see a company release a phone without both the top and bottom borders. That would be a sight for sore eyes because the top and bottom borders on the S8 and the one below the Mix stick out like sore thumbs.


I’ve always been impressed with the cameras on Samsung flagship. The IMX 333 on the S8 must be awesome. Wow! The primary camera is a IMX 333 and the secondary camera is a IMX 320! I doubt whether the OPPO F3 selfies can beat that.


In that case, probably the iPhone 7


I honestly did not think that it was an ad compared to her vids on Rockbern coffee etc.


I guess Oppo are great at their marketing, they promote what most of the youth like with phones - taking selfies while Samsung promotes stuff like the vibrant screen etc.; they are advertising it’s aesthetics more.

In countries such as China and India, they’ve become a super hit and gone from an enthusiast’s brand to a common brand as they promote their phones using celebrities.

All of this has happened despite the phone not having cutting edge specs.


@Peter_Ngure and @bhattkishan9, Xiaomi also was inspired by Sharp Aquos Crystal that was released back in 2014 with the futuristic bezelless display


Your comment wasn’t approved, no surprises there.


Oh yeah! I remember that phone. It surprised many YouTubers in 2014. Now I see where Xiaomi got “inspired” from!


I see now what you meant. :smile:


Isn’t it time we stop generalizing this. Samsung didn’t copy Mi Mix.

There are two types of phone manufacturers. The blatant copycats and the ones that invest heavily in their designs.

Oneplus 5 entire design was blatant copy of Oppo R11 (Even the cases fit perfectly). OPPO is Oneplus’ sister company.

Samsung’s S8 design was in R&D for over two years. They were experimenting with infinity and bendable screens for quite some time.

After releasing the S7 edge, the next logical thing was to have an infinity screen on a curvy screen.

I am not a Samsung fan but I can tell Samsung invested heavily on the S8 design and I applaud them for it. It is the most beautiful phone I have ever seen.