Caroline Mutoko wants a New Phone!


Hehe I guess she doesn’t like my comment then. :cry:


True it is driving the price up and that’s not good for a company that aims at producing awesome phones at mid range prices.

But I guess they are doing this because a company cannot survive being an enthusiast’s brand forever since we are very unforgiving to any mistakes. This is highlighted in this video below:


I like it when I know people who watch the same videos I watch on YouTube.

Lakini this guy @McBHD is playing with us with that a name.

Now, onto the serious question, what were you (@bhattkishan9) doing watching Caroline Mutoko on YouTube?


Hahah her YouTube channel covers some serious content. Most of which interests me.


:joy: True!


Will switch to HD this 360p mobile life… :joy: More people joining Airtel has REALLY SLOWED DOWN the network. Still better than having your bundles stolen tho :grin:

Wooooi. I guess your username might have her a little worried. And maybe she wants to only approve oppo friendly comments so it looks better for her ad.

I think everyone here watches the same youtube tech videos though we could always open a thread that’s a running update - where the first post is constantly edited to include any new/noteworthy tech YouTubers. Would certainly help non-techie readers find secondary confirmation sources.

Noteworthy Tech Youtubers worth watching

Great idea!


Apart from her talking about some serious issues, she does push adverts, EazzyApp, KRA iTax, and now Oppo.


I get how everyone would push iTax, it’s widely applicable. But things like Oppo? Seriously? People at Capital Club use 7+, S8+, expensive vertus. Not mid-range china phones.

Again, she needs to better define her audience/target market and understand the products she can successfully ‘market.’

If one wants to understand journalism and current affairs or ‘women empowerment’, they may go to her. But I don’t remember the last time a non-techie I know wanted a phone and their first thought was ‘what phone is this media personality using? Maybe I should get one’

It goes more like:

Kamau/Wanjiku: You guy Niaje?
Techie: Sema Guy, Fiti.
Kamau/Wanjiku: I know you are a techie, so help me out
Techie: Sure, w’sup
Kamau/Wanjiku:: I need a new phone, what would you advise?
Techie: What’s your budget/What are you looking for in a phone?


If someone here has a story about how a media personality/celebrity/socialite in Kenya successfully influenced sales of a tech product to their audience (people went out and bought said tech because their celebrity told them so), kindly share with us.


Kwani what cut? I just changed it…


Who is MKBHD? -


Check this link :wink:


Why would Carol get an OPPO phone? Yep,its an ad,we can tell


Exactly my thoughts as I read the OP. How can Mutoko buy a friggin 0PP0 when she can afford to buy box-loads of !Phone 7’s, walk on a carpet made of Samsung S7’s, and wallpaper her house with Google Pixels? Maybe @bhattkishan9 is in on it.


I beg to differ with the most beautiful phone. Have you seen the Xiaomi Mi Mix? It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Sammy surely copied it because the Mix was released October last year and they’re about to release Mix 2.


If you keep your ear on the ground it won’t matter. You’ll see the marketing for what it is and move on to find a better product (of which there are so many.) I knew 1+ when they launched the 1+ One and called it a flagship killer (which it was) because it had the same specs as the flagships of those days. Only difference is that they priced it at $350 when the flagships were above $500. Their price is still modest at about $450 but it’s hard to reconcile the $100 increase.


Not to worry. They’re almost launching 4G. There is a real sense of urgency now that Telkom have beaten them to the punch. Now I’m see Airtel 4G network everywhere. It’s just a matter of days before they launch it officially. Airtel began testing their 4G end of last year. I’m surprised they still haven’t gone live.


What do you mean? :confused:


I agree Sammy might have copied it but I like the symmetry of the S8.

I doubt Xiaomi has made much use of the edge to edge display.

However, I hope both of us agree that the Xiaomi Mi 6 also looks great! :fire:


OPPO is selling a camera phone. For the kind of things I do with a camera phone, I’d rather buy a Galaxy Note 4 than OPPO F3 for that purpose.

That said, regarding Xiaomi versus Galaxy S8, I will top up that money any day and get the S8+ for the best camera phone.